Thursday, June 11, 2020

Euchre Bar Massacre - '19

This was quite the event.  And the first FatAss event I finished, and won. 

I was quite disorganized as I had just moved to Ashland, and was making a quick trip down from Ashland and was planning to stop by Pahatsi to grab a few things and clean the house. As a consequence, I didn't quite start on time as I was the last one to check in.  And I missed the first turn and was playing catch up from the get go.  Then as we descended Bowling Ball Alley, I lost my phone, my map, and some of my food... I tracked down the phone after 45 min (I had a rough GPS track of the route, so this would be my map from then on).  Once I caught up to a few folks on an out an back, I thought I could catch up to them so I could continue on with company. 

Then we hit SawItalian bar... which was a royal bitch.  This is a 3000 ft off trail, steep cliff that is covered in poison oak and blackberries.  I think this took me 4 hours and I was convinced I took the wrong route and was behind the lead crew, who I could hear every once in a while, when I was tunneling through the blackberries.  Turns out I took the "best" way up and left Bueno, Scott and Loren behind. When I got to the next aid station, I figured I'd keep going as they were probably an hour behind me.  So... turns out I spent 23 of the 24.5 hrs of the race running solo.  Good mental training.  There's pics in the strava link below.


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