Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Diamond Lake & Thielsen (aka Big Cowhorn)!

Summit shot!

First day, we went up to enjoy Diamond Lake and check out what it has to offer on the John Dellenback trail.  It's a 10 mile loop around Diamond Lake on a bike path.  I wasn't cleared to ride a bike yet, so I took my coker up there. 

Such an amazing view on the drive up.
We snagged a first come first serve site at Natural Bridge CG a few miles south of Union Creek.  Then we cruised up to Diamond Lake to check her out.

It's a beautiful lake, but doesn't have the best shoreline.  Would be fun to rent a boat there.  Pontoon boats for 150$ sounds good.  You can see Mt. Bailey on this pic.  That's where Hemlock Butte Cabin sits.  
The boys went for a dip
After the ride, we checked out National Creek Falls.  Worth it, but probably don't need to go back
The A/C kicks on at the falls.  The water is super cold.
Back at Natural Bridges.  It's called that as there is a section of the Rogue River that goes under the ground here.  
And our sweet campsite came with a swimming hole.
The boys quickly got dirty
We got up early to give us the best odds of success
Started off in jackets, but we quickly stashed them

Such a sweet peak!

Nice view of Diamond Lake behind us.  I'd like to go back and do the Bailey and Thielsen marathon -  
Cool formations on the way up

I brought at 30m twin rope for the summit to belay the kids.

If you make it up there, be sure to check out the Fulgurite at the top.  The "lightening rod of the Cascades" gets hits by lightening every year.  
Kai did great on the way down.  Nikko... not so much.  He was freaking out.
The Botts girls were solid and really helped the day go with less tantrums. 

Nikko found a Geocache at the bottom.  
And the boys got some ice cream at Union Creek.  

Sunday, June 21, 2020

S. Sister with Andrew

Mandatory summit selfie!
Got out for a quick early morning foray while in Bend with Andrew.  As it was the summer solstice, we had plenty of daylight, so we figured we'd get after it early and hope to be back to spend the afternoon with the fam and friends.  

The day started out quite unpromising.  A thick fog layer was basically dewing on us the whole time and we were unsure it'd lift.  
We chatted a few times about turning around, when we should make that call... as we could probably still go home grab our bikes and go on a fun ride for a few hours. 
Then the sky parted and the viz cleared just like that.  
And there were rainbows.  Not usually a great sign for good skiing conditions.  
Some icy, steep, tricky skinning on the ridge
Andrew with Middle and North Sister behind him.  I'd like to do that traverse next year.  I'd actually like to run it this year, but I may have missed the window.   
Looks like a great ski off of Middle sis
We had a great looking ski down ourselves too...

After slarving primo corn for most of the way down, we were satisfied.  
A quick boot back to the car... 
And soon we were with the fam, floating down the Deschutes.  

Here was Kimbo's workstation for the day.  Bowie sat there the whole time... or not... 
Needless to say after that trip, the boys were exhausted.  

Monday, June 15, 2020

Greyback Mtn with Steven and Tim

Went on an adventure ride with Steven and Tim a while back.  I've been meaning to get out and do more exploring but... 2020 happened.  Anyway, here's some pics of the adventure.  Scratchy trails for sure.  But would like to connect this to Applegate or Squaw Lakes or.... Ashland via Mt Ashland.  That'd be a hell of an adventure ride. 

Jelly cups - aka poorman's gumdrop, found on decaying conifers at higher elevations after snowmelt.  

Some nice views including Mt. Ashland, McLoughlin, etc...