Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Diablo Blanco -> sightseeing in SF

There was some low elevation snow in the forecast, so we decided to do the next best thing to BALLS (Bay Area Low Level Skiing)... BUD (Bike up Diablo).  So I picked up Scott and we rode from Sigman's house.  

Check out the summit!


This early ride gave me plenty of time to get back and shower.  Then we took a Lyft to Jack London to hop on the ferry for a day in SF.
The boys are sad to leave Oakland... not...
at the Cable Car museum...
Cool tokens from around the country
the Key system in Oakland!



Coit Tower, in memory of volunteer firemen.
the line was too long, so we left, but the boys liked sliding down... 




and we found a geocache!





this was an amazing playground btw.  Need to take the kids back here... 

we found this place in N. Beach for dinner.  



in China town we found some dim sum that the boys devoured.  Around this time they were getting quite goofy and silly.. time to get home!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tandem ride & running to school - lots of firsts for Nikko!

Nikko has been quite an adventurous one this winter, trying all kinds of new things.  He got the idea himself to run to school.  So for 2 days we ran.  He's quite proud of himself...

And I got the tandem set up for Nikko.  Added a longer chain, raised the kid stoker crank and he's ready to ride!

Friday, May 10, 2019

MUNI - first blood, best biff...

Had a fun session with Tom, Bevan, Colin, and Campbell on Gen Ed.  This was my first time on this trail and was stoked to check it out.  After doing a quick shuttle on Gen Ed, we went to J. Milla where I won best biff and first blood...

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

1st ski cabin weekend at the cabin!

Spent a wonderful weekend up in Tahoe to kick off the Pahatsi ski lease and Nikko's 5th b-day. 
went by Lot 1 to see how the lakes were doing.  The boys went to relieve themselves...
Family ski!
Gorgeous day!
And this stinko turned 5!

Caught a nice Serene sunset on my skate home
Castle lookin' good!

After a quick morning skate, we went back to Sugar Bowl for a half day of skiing.

We skied with Jiselle all day as Ty was getting one on one lessons with Rob.
Around 3, it started snowing hard... and by the time I got back closer to Pahatsi on my skate skis it looked like this...
And it was quite windy as well... 
meanwhile, the kids were daring each other to go to the trees and back..
Nikko was amped and got dressed by himself!
Daddy needed a few solo laps... 
Then I skied the rest of the day with this dude!
Wow... 800$ for all day private lesson.  Yowza...
After a busy b-day weekend, this pumpkin needed some rest.