Friday, November 2, 2018

Another busy weekend in the bay... feat. Thomas and Camille

Started off a Thurs with a nice ride with the C510 crew... glorious sunrise  
A rare weekend in town!  We had Thomas and Camille for the weekend... and boy did we have a lot planned... I'll just let the pics do the talking. 

Fri - Ran with Nikko to school
meanwhile... Kimbo saw this guy with his pet goat in Berkeley
Fri afternoon, we started off with a ride down to Chinatown Oakland to buy some pastries...
and went to OMCA for Fri Nights!
Pretty amazing sunset...
The dualing RadWagons have been quite the hit this summer...
The next morning was national neighborhood clean up day, so I took the 4 boys down to the creek so we could help out.  They found a bird egg...
Tons of trash...
And got free bandanas. 
Then we went to check out the Dragon Boat Races at Lake Merritt.  They didn't really care about the races, but there was "Dragon Land"... which they did care about. 

Probably the least exciting part of their day...
Then we cruised down to Jack London for the Eat Real Festival 
Which also featured lots of people, bubbles, games, etc...
Oh, and we made some custom engraved wooden spoons... courtesy of Toyota Mirai, the sponsors. 

The attempt at the group pic...

This Paella stand had the longest line... 
Then I took the Dufour kids to play soccer.  My boys watched and cheered them on. 
We rode by our clean up site later.  Check out all that trash!  Good work neighbors!
The next day was Sigman's 50th B-day.  So after cruising out to Walnut Creek with the fam, I veered off and rode up to the saddle with them. 
Them as in Sigman, Moses, Adnan and his wife. 
The boys had plenty of fun...
The boys wanted to do a ride of their own, so we went to the bay bridge. 
Where they found the trolls...

Oh the good ole days when the train went to SF.  ABOVE the bay. 
And soon we were at Sigman's 50th party at an Afghan restaurant.  Our kids behaved quite well... the other kid?  Not so much... yikes, what a terror. 

Happy B-day Sigman!
Getting a wee bit stoked for ski season... Candide is the GOAT

Monday, October 22, 2018

Tuolumne 2018: Part 2 - Cathedral Peak with Kai, Oli, & Sam

We had quite the adventure on our last day in Tuolumne this year.  After cleaning up the site and making amends, I made my way to Cathedral Peak with Sam, Oli, and Kai.  Breakfast, clean up, etc... all took a LONG time, so we didn't hit the trail until 11am or so.  I knew we were in for a long day ahead. 

The morning fire made for some fun pics...

The kiddos love Katie Bell's van

Nikko wishing Oli, "good luck!"

The boys seeing Cathedral up close for the first time!

These two are great hikers!
The boys waiting for me to get to the top of the first pitch.  I think they are still very excited here... Photo: Sam
Some cruxy moves for Kai.  There are a lot of reachy 5.5 moves that become quite hard quickly for shorter beings.
Seeing the boys at the top always brought a smile to my face. 

Ugh oh... starting to see rain everywhere.

And then the thunder started.  And Kai got a bit scared.  But he kept focused and we kept going. 

Hi Sam!  After this experience of belaying 3 people at the same time, I got myself a belay plate.  So I'll be ready next time!
The parties ahead of us were quite slow... so I actually didn't get to do the chimney, but the boys did.  I think they had fun.
After getting some hail, rain, and lightening... we made it to the top.  I was in my T-shirt (I put my jacket on Kai), so I was starting to get cold here... Eichorn would have to wait until next time. 

"The best climber is the one having the most fun" - Alex Lowe. 
Kai wasn't the best climber at this moment.  I don't know if you can tell but he was pretty close to losing it, but he took one deep breath and finished the climb.  This last move isn't the most difficult, but definitely the most exposed of the whole climb.  Way to suck it up and finish!  I was beaming as a proud papa about this point.

Sam was pretty stoked to be done as well. 

Summit shot!

Sam downclimbing... I lowered the boys off the other side.

Eichorn... that would've been a rad pic with me on top of there...

After an hour of hiking down to the bottom... Kai was literally losing his s***
So I had to carry him on my shoulders for the rest of the way.  Mind you... he had pooped his pants a bit on pitch 4... this is something only a father would do. 
Here's the rest of Sam's pics

Climbing links for me:
Map -
  • Lembert Dome
    • NW books - 5.6
    • Beginner's Route - 5.4
  • Puppy Dome
  • Pothole Dome

Next time in Tuolumne:
In case you are at work and want to tear up... 👏👏👏