Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sugar Bowl Pow Pow... 2nd Tahoe Pow day...

Fun day... stoked I could bring some pow home with me from Canada. 

Lots of activity this weekend.  There was an inbounds slide at Squaw.  And in Mammoth.  
There was stokage overload... 
Kai lovin' the fresh pow!
Starting to look like winter again!!!
Checking out my bomb holes... love this resort.  Not many go getters so when I can get out solo at 2 pm I can still find clean lines.  Under the lift!
No wonder I was going so slow... 
The next morning Metres and I wanted to get some exercise before coaching at Buddy Werner.  
He almost got swallowed up at the top... 
Up for round 2.  
Kai at his second race... 
We skied off the backside of Soda Springs straight home.  That was cool.  First time Kai going backcountry... kinda.

Monday, March 12, 2018

X-mas in Japan: Part 5 - Omiya Railway Museum, Onsen with my cousins!

With my uncle and aunt (Mas' sister), cousins, and their kids.  
After a night of rest in Kawagoe, I went on a quick run the next morning and we got going again.  This time to the Omiya Railway Museum.... one of Kai's favorite places to go.  I think this was his 3rd time there.  

Here's the rest thus far... 
Part 1 - Getting to Kawagoe
Part 2 - Minakami
Part 3 - To Jigokudani
Part 4 - Snow Monkeys!

Tired boys
Rice fields and mansion - a common sight in suburbia Tokyo.  On my morning run.  
Nikko lost in the "parking lot"
He liked this one

Coffee vending machines!  Hooray, mama will return to her "normal" state of being

After the train museum, we met up with my aunt, uncle and cousins for a dinner at an onsen!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Ramage Peak Loop with Sam and Seth

Fun run in EBMUD territory with Sam and Seth.  

The rig that takes Nikko to school... 
after getting picked up at AIM, we drove out to the staging area.
Check out the "Rafter" = a group of turkeys
is this considered "single track"?

Lots of fences
relentless up and down
Picnic tables

The hills on this route were relentless...


that tasted yummy!
nope... turns out they aren't the magic kind...
check out this "Murder" = flock of crows... in downtown Oakland.
on our way down to OMCA

Nikko made a daddy portrait!