Thursday, December 5, 2019

Methow Valley - Skate Skiing Huts

Went on a last minute skate skiing hut trip with Sam, Seth, and the Seattle crew this March.  We got great weather, got some skating in, and had a great time exploring a new area for me. 

Hut info here:

Maps here:

More pics here:

Day 1 - To Cassal Hut
We flew into SEA, got picked up, and took off through Leavenworth to Winthrop, WA

Here's Sam and Seth looking up on YouTube how to skate ski.  
stopped at a yummy bakery on our way.  
at the trailhead, the snowmo was ready to shuttle our gear to the hut.
Upon arrival, Sam checking out the map on our picnic table after cracking open a few brews.  
Small, but cozy
I thought it was lovely
Nice view of the sunset

Day 2:

Damage from last night of playing games...
We skated into to "town" (Mazama), where the town is snow covered in the winter and you have to snowmo, fat bike, or skate into the house.
Pretty fun spot with restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and hotels.
And even a Free Library
Breakfast of champs!
Legit bakery
Checking out the town
Group shot on the bridge
Afterwards, I went on another skate to check out another hut.  This one had fat bikers!
Had a nice fire outside and so we played around with some steel wool

Day 3: out
The crew!
Went to another hut on our way out to check out most of them.  They were all very comparable.  The shuttle service is pretty awesome and they'll take all your gear down too!  So you can skate with just a water bottle all day!
Sweet poopers, egh?
Kinda wondering why I'm skating... 
Lunch at the trailhead
back on the road and checking out the animal crossings over the interstate.
Checked out Seth's big pimpin' house when we dropped him off.
Ciao Seattle!  You are lovely.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Eastside BC Ski Trip 2019: Slaying the Dragon w/Meter-Man & Barton!

Start off with my favorite pano.  Just getting to chill right here was worth this trip.
This was THE ski trip of the season for me.  We decided to skip the Canada Heli trip this year as we've gone on it the last two... and skip a season which was the right decision for the fam... especially this year.  Dave and I decided to prioritize an Eastern Sierra ski trip, which has been long overdue for me. 

Links for me:
Rode up Diablo with Jack in the morning to start the trip off on the right foot.  

Then picked up Barton and drove to Petaluma to hop on his plane!
flew right over Yosemite
Once we landed we walked over to the taco truck in town and grabbed a bite to eat.
We also met this crazy German fella who had just biked/splitboarded/hiked across 120 from the valley and was on his way back to LA.  

Routes + Flight - RidewithGPS Link

Day 1:
Metres found us asleep at the plane... 'twas very chill.  We got a nice seductive view of the mountains at sunrise.  
Packed, loaded, and finally ready to go
Dave chose an ambitious route for day 1, which involved us skiing down the Dragon Couloir as our first ski of the trip.  And probably the most consequential descent of the trip.  We had no idea what the conditions would be like until we were at the top ready to drop.  

I think this pic says it all...

After our success, we found a great spot to camp with running water near by and set up for night 1 at one of the Rae Lakes, pretty much on the JMT
Day 2:

Barton and I decided to sleep under the stars.  Which was coooold.  
After skating around the lake to warm up, the sun finally came out, we started warming up and skinning
One of many solitary views of our trip.  We didn't cross any tracks on Day 2 or 3
Barton knows how to slarve like a champ
A rock is such a luxury when snow camping.  Look for rocks
Camp 2
Day 3:
Our morning view

After another crisp morning, we crossed a few lakes towards Charlotte Lake
at the pass
What a guy! No wonder we didn't want to share the shelter with him on night 1 egh?
Fun buffed out pow turns
Our wildlife experience of the trip
Water hole
Our set up after 2 days of practice
This camp was truly luxurious, with solid ground to spread out on.  Bullfrog Lake was given 5 yelp stars

Day 4:
Fox hole?
Add caption
Some beta pics for next time... check out that chute!
That looks sick!
Soon we were back in T-shirts and shorts ready to fly home!
And a few hours later I was at Toro's enjoying his hot tub with my fam, Toro, Lyta, and Katie bell!  What an amazing trip!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Tahoe Rim Trail 100! My First 100!!!

This blog has been woe-fully neglected, so I figure I'll start doing the most important events of this summer.

The Tahoe Rim Trail 100 was an event I was the most anxious about of all the events this summer, and perhaps ever.  When I'm on the trails I suffer more than when I'm on mile 390 of a 400 mile bike ride.  Not sure why, maybe because running is a newer thing for me?  I haven't properly trained as a runner?  Not sure...

Anyway, Hank instigated this run as this would coincide with his B-day and he'd like to do a 50k.  Then Sam and Hudgins signed up for the 100 miler... so I upped my registration from a 50k, to a 50m, to a 100m.  And decided to start running a lot.  Which was tough as I was riding a lot since finding c510, a cycling crew that rides fast, early, and makes training quite enjoyable.

After all the TRT training runs, I sort of felt ready, but I truly wasn't sure until I hit the start line.

The day before... picked up my "race socks"... these turned out well, but I think it's impossible to keep the Tahoe moon dust out of your shoes, so either you need different shoes with less breathable uppers and keep the dust out, or you need to change socks more often than I did... which was 0. 
And a few days before the race I figured this would be a good time for new shoes... yup, so I picked up some Hoka Speed Goats and kept these in the drop bag.  And never used em.
Got a nice goodbye from the Nickelsens...
And on our way up, we stopped by Spooner Lake which is basically at the finish for a quick soak and to check out the start/finish line.  Later, we found out that this lake is full of leaches!  Yikes!
At the pre-race meeting
And dropbag drops... 
Back near Tahoe.  This was Hank's B-day celebration after all, so they rented a place off Kingsbury.  I slept on this deck for a few hours and prayed.  
At the 5 am start.  Hank and Aaron's race started at 6 am, so they graciously dropped us off and found parking far away.  
Moon set
Sam, still feeling pretty good here.  Probably like mile 5.  He was slowing down and I was starting to wonder... 
At mile 6 or so, Sam started limping due to his ankle.  He switched shoes at the first drop bag which helped, but he kept on limping.  I figured I'd be the one slowing us down, but I was ok with this role reversal.
The hike up from Diamond Peak was a royal pain.  Straight up the ski runs... for what seemed like forever.  I really wished I had poles at this point.  
The view wasn't bad though.  
Soon Hope caught up to us.  He was kicking butt.
Not a bad place to be running.  I kept reminding myself to be grateful every time I got to a view like this one... which helped me keep my mind off the pain.  But I really wasn't hurting too bad.  The pain was so mild the whole time, I really never felt too bad.  
Stopped here for 5 seconds... 
Oh... my eating strategy.  This'll have to change.  I wanted to eat real food until my stomach started asking for something else.  The day was quite hot and I love watermelons, so I think that was all I had for the first 40+ miles.  That resulted in that bright red poo you see down there (your welcome for not zooming in)... yeah, that was quite disturbing.  All that jogging and jostling my tummy really never results in me having a solid poo during a long run.  I do take some immodium, which seems to help, but never to the point that I have a solid poo... ok enough poo talk.  
The second time we got to Diamond Peak, Sam was hurting.  We decided to chill out here for a while tend to his feet.  We both said, "I don't really get blisters, so I'm not too worried."  Which was an amateur mistake.  In these longer runs (over 100k), you need to tend to your blisters as soon as you start feeling them.  And change socks every 20 or so miles if you can, I think that would have saved me.  Oh, and a shout out to these volunteers tending to nasty feet at 3 am.  Amazing volunteers from Reno!
At this point, I knew that it'd be much quicker to walk back to the finish than drop out.  So I talked to Sam, who was still miraculously trudging on, and I decided to run ahead.  I actually felt pretty good for having run for 24+ hours, so I took off and started passing people, which was fun.  
Hope and Hank were at the finish... one of 3 or 4 folks who were there, which meant a lot.  This was quite an emotional race for me, as I was getting ready to leave the bay area and this being my first 100.  Plus witnessing the pain that Sam was enduring was inspirational.  Got my plastic cup, filled it with beer and got a burrito from the taco truck and waited for Sam.  
Who came in an hour or so after me looking quite haggard.  But he kicked butt.  
We went back, took a nap, and returned for the ceremony.  Here's Hudgins getting his buckle.  
Sub 30 hr finishers get a silver buckle.  The sub 24 hr folks get a gold one.  I may have to return to get a gold one... 
This tattoo was quite handy.  
The crew!

The Kuwabaras were on our way up to Pahatsi where we'd spend the next week in Tahoe!  And check out that sunset!

Bye bye!

Here's Sam's track.

And Hudgins

Happy B-day to Hank!

Oh, an here are my feet...

And right after
That was a big ole' blister...