Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Another Tam Run

Some pics from a nice 10 miler with Sam, Seth & Rob.  Seth and I drove out to meet up with Sam and Rob, who were staying at a rental in Stinson. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Volcano with the Schmidts!

Had a great weekend getaway with the Schmidts to a historic little town in the foothills.  We stayed at the Volcano Union Inn, went to Black Chasm Cavern, saw a play at the Cobblestone Theatre, and checked out Grinding Rock SHP.  I rode up there (mostly) with Sigman on Fri.

Nikko the superhero... getting ready for the day.  
Had a lovely breakfast downstairs at the bar.
Coulter pine!

the old brewery
The Volcano Union Inn from the outside.  

Kai sitting in the old jail
we stopped here during the Kingdom of Heaven 1000k.  Mmmm, one of the reasons to come back to Volcano.  
Lunch inside the bakery
after lunch, we went to Black Chasm Cavern right outside of town... where you can pann for jewels from a bag you buy from them.  The kids love this...  

love Nikko's face here... 

this is the oldest running theatre in California.
We saw "A Charlie Brown Christmas"... 
Back at the hotel, they had made our room for us... 

with the 2 hours of daylight left, I went on a quick ride.  The roads around here are awesome for road biking.

2 real deers, one fake... 

Nikko had passed out from the day's activities
and Kai was busy playing games with Mama Margie
Check out this gem of a fireplace... 
more games.. 
The next day we went to Grinding Stone State Historic Park.