Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Pano: Emigrant Wilderness...

The view from Burst Rock, 1 mi into the hike!
At Powell Lake

Sunset at camp
Looking down at Bear Lake

Back at Burst Rock

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

King Ridge 400k

Chasing Rita down while taking pics... 
Here's the route:

"Hey! Oops! Oh well..."

These were the words I heard after Sigman started the ride rolling over a baby raccoon at the golden gate bridge.  Although they can be perceived in certain circles as "cute", these dirty, hairy urbanized honey badgers are completely fearless.

We arrived at the start at the start time, so we were 10 min behind the group.  We slowly started catching up with some of our fellow riders on the ascent up to Pantoll, which was our first info control.  Normally a busy road with no shoulder, at 5:30 am on a Saturday, we were passed by one or two cars.

The night before the ride, I checked the weather along the route... and the low was 52 and high was 60.  Primo riding weather.  I was stoked to be checking off this ride as I've been meaning to for the last few years.

Crusing up Hwy 1
At our first receipt control.  The leaders had to wait until they opened.  
Specialized Sequoia.  Sweet bikes...
At the start of our first dirt section.  Probably my favorite descent.  Willow Creek.  
Sigman at the bottom...


This was a bit of a mistake... marinara sauce was a bit too acidic for my tummy... good thing I brought some tums.  
The coffee cake and the baked goods here in general are to die for. 
Perfect riding.  Sweeping panoramic views, blackberries & grapes to pick, comfortable temps, and a reliable riding partner.
Sigman fixing his tubeless.

Creek Crossing
Sweetwater springs

A much needed Safeway stop. Sushi, soup, chocolate coconut water.

I was pretty beat by the time I got to Fairfax and had to stop at the 7-11 for some more food.  
  • Old Cazadero - creek crossing and I was proud of making it up the barely ride-able dirt on the other side.
  • Willow Creek... smooth, flowy, loose.  Super fun.  
  • Riding up Pantoll and Hwy 1 in the wee hours of the morning.  There were no cars and it was actually pleasant riding on those usually dangerous roads.  
  • Osprey, owl, and tons of deer and skunk sightings.  
  • Sushi.... always a highlight...
  • as well as the coconut waters, chocolate milks, and the pastries.  
  • A special shout out to the blueberry coffee cake at the Stewart's Point Store... mmm...
  • The miso soup and grilled cheese at the manned control at Valley Ford on the way back.
  • As well as the cup noodle from 7-11 in Fairfax.... I basically do these rides so I can binge eat.  
  • Sweetwater Springs Rd.  That one wasn't the toughest, but being the last big one, it really did a number on me.  I'd like to return to see what I can do...
  • Meatball sandwich... about 3 hours afterwards.  Lots of gas, lots of acidic burps.  
Next time:
  • do not eat a meatball sandwich.  Or anything with marinera sauce.  or tomatoes. or anything acidic.  
  • don't take any caffeine pills w/o food... that stuff is harsh.  
  • Double check your list... I forgot my tools... again.  
  • Think more about food... we had 70 miles to go from the last control, so I had to stop at 7-Eleven in Fairfax.  If I had purchased a bit more food at the Safeway in Healdsburg or just trained to no eat as much while exercising... there would have been no need for that stop.  
What I did right:
  • I like my strategy of taking an immodium right at the start and taking tums to keep my tummy calm.  
Eric Walsted's photos -
Max's photos -
Yogy's amazing TR.... you might have to be a member to read it:!topic/sfrandon/ArGQDnsguIs%5B1-25%5D
The strava flyby is pretty amuzing to watch as well.

Check out this read of a bike tour from 1898 in Oregon!

Also, I'm liking the look of my heatmap these days... pretty fun looking back at all the rides I've done in the last few years.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Toro's Last Wrestle!

Toro's Last Wrestle at Lake Tahoe from Jamie Servaites on Vimeo.

What an amazing weekend with a bunch of midwestern white boys.  Jammers made a great edit from that weekend.  Figured I should share.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Morning Paddle from the Kayak Hotel

Fun morning paddle with Durbs and Toro on his new boat!  Cruised around Coast Guard Island and toured under the google yacht.

Can't wait until the Lake Merritt Channel Improvements are complete so we can kayak into Lake Merritt... and above water... it's basically a homeless encampment.  The yelp reviews of the park currently are stellar.

I felt quite safe with the coast guard ready to rescue me...
google yacht...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Serene Lakes

Did you know we bought a house?  In the mountains?  Yup.  A 5 min drive to Sugar Bowl. Guess who's stoked?  MEEEEEEE

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Weekly Pano: Stately Pleasure Dome

At the top of "South Crack" in Tuolumne.... made a dash to Tuolumne as I haven't been climbing forever.  Fun climb, great day... 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Emerald Bay Boat in Campin'!!!

The window to a slice of heaven...
This place rocks!!!!!  Gotta go back... book this place on Dec 1st for June... or Jan 1 for July.  We had site 19, which was pretty sweet.  20 & 21 would be nice too if you got both of them.  1 is also nice, but far from the potty.

There are many options in reaching the campsite:

  • BOAT IN - you can park your car at DL Bliss (after unloading, it's actually a long hike up to the overnight lot - maybe 3/4 of a mile?) and boat in.  Go in the morning when there is less chance of windy conditions.  The 4 mile paddle is beautiful, but depending on the conditions it could get quite tough.  You can also boat in from other spots, but I think DL Bliss is the closest option.  
  • HIKE IN - you can park and hike the Rubicon Trail from DL Bliss... the trail is pretty amazing too, so this isn't a bad option... it just takes a lot more effort to carry in your cooler, family size tent, etc... This should be your backup plan in case the water is choppy.  Actually, what you can do if you have little kids, or don't want to walk very far is to park at Emerald Bay SP, and just walk down the service road... which is like 1/2 a mile. There is no overnight parking there, so one of you will have to go park it and run back to camp... or get a ride.  


Kiddos were happy before even taking off...
Sushi dinner? Thanx Safeway... this has been my go-to meal on the SF Randonneur rides... which has been making my rides a bit more expensive.
Double milk snuggle.

Tim & Laina's arrival!
our sweet site.
Took Kai on a morning paddle to Fannette while the bay was still calm.  We had the island to ourselves!  Went out to the island at night with Durbs and had a bromantic date the night before...

lots o' bears!
Monarch butterfly!  We were at Natural Bridges last weekend reading about their migration...

lower eagle falls
They have popsicles at the visitor center!
naptime! Kai in the parents tent.
Nikko in the kiddos tent.
So I went on a trail run.  This is along the Rubicon back toward DL Bliss... this would the trail you'd take if you were to walk to this campsite.
Back at DL Bliss... somehow the water here is tropical... looking.
back at camp...
Dinner time!
Uh-oh, we got monkeys in the bear bin...

Tim found a snake!
The next morning I ran back to the beach where we were hanging out to look for Kai's shoes!  

back at camp... yoga time.
Nikko going nudy booty...
Kai going for a morning swim off the dock at the campground.
after a 4 mile paddle back to DL Bliss we enjoyed the beach for a bit...

Loaded up, watched the Copa on the drive home...

and drove straight to Mindy and Eric's place for their Summer Solstice fest...