Friday, October 20, 2017

Family Mtn Biking weekend at Haus Von FAJ

Spent a fun weekend in S. Lake at "Haus von Funk And Jeff".  Originally, it was supposed to be more of a family weekend... but our boys were the only kids there.  I blame Metres. 

Anyway, we still managed to squeeze in an amazing ride on Sat while the ladies (and my boys) went on a hike. 

Sunday, we went to Taylor Creek to check out the salmon!  I'll post about that later as it was cool enough for its own post. 

meanwhile... morning at HvFAJ... it's a party.  Nikko is like... c'mon guys.  
Sheesh... D$ too egh?  
So the boys decided to get in the tub.  
And soon the boys were riding!
Back at Star Lake.  We were here a few weeks ago when we did Rose to Toads.
Top of the world!  Getting ready for the Toad's decent

Meanwhile, the ladies at Echo Lake.
And stinker being stinky

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Doran Beach! Again!

Back to Doran Beach... finally.  This place rules like O'Doyle, but we hadn't found the time to make the trek up for 3 years.  I made this a priority this year and we lucked out on another beautiful weekend playing in the sun, sand, wind, and waves.  What a great spot.  

Good naps on the way up!
Kai got some treats while Nikko was asleep... shhhh don't tell Nikko
stopped at Bodega Bay Oyster Co on the way up.  
met up with the Mooreheads and Kate, who happened to be only a few minutes behind us.  

we went across the street to Oyster Rockerfeller's to get some happy hour tacos.  
And got to Doran Beach at sunset.  

Some jammin' around the campfire... 
And woke up to this on Sat!
Went out for a quick paddle to Bodega Rocks before the wind picked up.
Where tons of seals were chillin...
There were some folks Abalone diving.  Gotta do that next year!
On the way back ran into these folks... 
Meanwhile... back in the Kuwabara tent... 
Not only is there an awesome beach a stone's throw away, there's a great tree to climb!
Kai going out for a paddle.
We spent all day at the beach... and were never bored.  
Check out the shade structure!
Brynn kite flyin'
Soon the Balesteri's showed up.  I forgot, I think they had soccer?  Or a show?  Anyway, they made it up, that's the important thing

And we got out some more oysters...

spike ball!

at night it cooled off quickly as it got windy... 

Next morning, I took the kids on a beach walk... 

and we encountered a sick bird... 

Kate, entertaining us... 

Sweet!  And that's a wrap folks  
Strava Link
Doran Beach from 2014

Tips for next time:
  • Go on a morning run after paddling across the bay.  
  • Bike up there.
  • Get some buffalo ice cream!
  • Sites C and D are primo.  Then E and F.  
  • Take light up stuff
  • steel wool?
  • Abalone diving - there were folks diving off of Bodega Rock
    • Take wet suit, SUP, nets, snorkel, masks, gloves, etc...
  • SUP across the channel and go for runs on Bodega Head in the morning.   Scope out places to tidepool?
  • Go to the campfire program?