Monday, February 8, 2016

TR: Carson to Kirkwood!

2016-01-28 10 14 51
summit shot!
Had a great day out with Messy and Lou-Doo.  They were on their way to Mammoth, staying at HvF on the way down, so I caught up with them for the classic tour from Carson Pass to Kirkwood.  We met up at the Kirkwood parking lot around 7 am, and we were back at Carson touring by 8 am.  I was on a bit of a time crunch as I had to be back in the bay by 6 pm, but nevertheless we still skied Crescent Couloir, the sisters, 4th of July peak back to Kirkwood by 1:45 pm... and I made it home by 5:30 pm.  All in all, another great day in the mountains.

This time, everything went smooth... no naked ski descents, no broken necks, no mingie riding chair 3, drunken boy scout troop leaders, etc... unlike last time.  9 years ago.

2016-01-28 08 57 42
First glance of our first destination.
2016-01-28 09 38 07
We saw these boot tracks, so we decided to go up the chute rather than going around...
2016-01-28 10 10 05
Messy at the top
2016-01-28 10 26 27
Since the main chute (looker's right) was a bit wind buffed and crusty, we decided to check out the middle chute.  This would be the craziest entrance to Crescent... a double with a 40 footer that drops you into the middle of the chute where you have to point it for 500 ft until you reach the apron.  
2016-01-28 10 43 25
Louie in the entrance
2016-01-28 11 39 37
Forth of July Lake from the Sisters
2016-01-28 11 51 10
Skiing the Sisters
2016-01-28 13 21 23
our last descent from the shoulder of Melissa Coray.
2016-01-28 17 29 11
made it back for this guy... who welcomed me with a 102 fever...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monthly Pano: Carson to Kirkwood!

2016-01-28 09 34 22
Getting ready to boot up the couloir.
Short TR coming soon...

2016-01-28 10 14 02
Summit Pano... this is printable... look for messy...
2016-01-28 11 47 04
Top of our second descent... that was some creamy goodness...
my favorite entertainer at the moment...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

B-day week highlights!

Had a really good B-day week... filled with ski adventures with friends and family.

Skied one day with the fam, another with friends (no kids), and another day with the fam which included a lake run with Miley and Metres.  On my B-day I got to ski with Moses and Alexis all day. A few days later I was back up with Kevin and Nick B, which turned out to be the best day yet.

Here's the highlight reel... of the first day...

And from the 3 days after...

And the pics.
2016-01-08 22 55 18
Kai after a long day of skiing!  I quickly moved him to the middle of the bed after I took the photo...

day 2... where's waldo?  Me front flipping (flopping?) in the palisades at Sugar Bowl.  Skied all day!  Amaze-balls!
2016-01-09 18 12 33-1
night 2 - Family dinner at the Family Cabin!  
2016-01-10 12 20 42
Day 3 - You'll get a better idea if you see the vid, but Nikko is pretty silly cute in his ski attire.  He likes eating snow.  
I caught up with Miley and Metres for a lake run at the end of the day.  Here's Miley at the top of Donner.  
2016-01-10 15 50 08
Miley dropping in to Old Hen. 
2016-01-10 16 21 02
Cool graffitti at the tunnels.  
Selfie with Donner.  
At the bottom... these are the pillow lines... when it's pillowy.  This time it was hellacious.  I caught the impact when Miley ate it and almost hyperextended his knee.  
2016-01-10 18 56 08-2
Happy B-day to mee!  Guiness Float for my 36th.  
2016-01-11 07 45 34
Next morning, Moses, Alexis, and I went out to Sun Bowl for a B-day tour.  
2016-01-11 07 52 16
fun inversions in the valley created a nice morning outing.  
2016-01-11 08 13 36
Castle Peak and Frog Lake Cliffs look pretty fat right now...
2016-01-11 08 09 41
After a fun ski, we made the trek to Sugar Bowl...
2016-01-11 10 27 32
Where we quickly decided that we should just do side country vs hunt for chunder.  
2016-01-11 10 27 35
So we did... boy that was fun.  
2016-01-11 15 23 20
Cool moss right?  #zebramoss
2016-01-11 15 44 03-2
After our 3rd lap, we called it a day and went home with smiles on our face...
2016-01-11 15 59 00
Another fine B-day... cheers to that. 
Check this out.  One bonus about ski flying... is that you can just trigger an avy and fly away...
Will Burks ski flying avalache from Will Burks on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vid TR: Channel Islands

OK.  Here's the final post from our Turkey Week Vacay... that was fun.

Channel Islands NP has quickly become one of my favorite places in CA.  True, I've only been there twice, but both have been magical experiences.  Anyway, here's a short vid featuring the kids and the island foxes.

One of the better decisions I made for our Turkey Week Vacay was bringing the inflatable SUP along.  The two paddles I did off of Santa Cruz Island were well worth the hassle of lugging the SUP around SoCal.  There are tons of sea caves to explore right from Scorpion Harbour, and the snorkeling there is pretty awesome as well.  Just attach you leash, dive in, and go look for Nemo.

now to get your adrenaline kickin'...

Friday, January 22, 2016

Ride Report: Uvas Canyon 200k

This was a tough 200k for me.  I hadn't ridden for a while, and we were off to a late start so we were hurrying to catch up to the pack.  I think my main mistake was not fueling the first 30 miles or so... then I started cramping, feeling dehydrated and out of gas.  I felt a lot better after our first control at the Safeway... but at the point we had slowed waay down and were going pretty leisurely.  Pics from Sigman.

at the Safeway... thankfully fueling up.
admiring the fixie... it was fun riding with him and watching his technique... he had some crazy gearing... like 46x14 or something like that... 
Sigman acting exhausted to sympathize...
happy to be finished...

Here's the track... most of the riding wasn't that interesting, IMO.  Gilroy was awful.

This is cool for you fellow data nerds.  The RUSA points.  Go Japan!  Go Slovenia.  France gets quite the boost in points on those PBP years.
 Bikes can work magic...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sugar Bowl with Nick B & Kev!

Chasing Nick around
epic day of hucking cliffs
my back is sore...

Check out the in-bounds avy that happened on the same day...

stay safe out there folks... do the lake run with a partner!