Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Pano: China Camp

Had a great time at China Camp.  What a fun place to camp.  Got to ride some of the fun trails with Sigman on Sat.  We lucked out on the weather and enjoyed an amazing beach day at China Camp Village on Sun morning.

Group shot

they got some recycling bins so you can carry your gear up to your site.  It's a 5 min walk, which is nice as the kids can run around without worrying about getting hit by cars.  
On Sat, after we set up camp, Kimbo went to Courtney's baby shower.  So I got to go on a long hike with the kiddos.  Kai loved the flowers... he especially like the sticky monkey flower.  
oooh.... moss...
Check out this huge Pacific Gopher Snake that Kai almost stepped on!
Waiting for Kimbo to get back so we can start riding!
@ the top of China Camp... the weather cleared up and we had a blast.  
The scene at camp...
Nikko is a master at lounging
We went on a short sunset hike so the kids could get ready for...

Next morning at the beach
A great spot with picnic tables, really easy access, as we had 4 SUPs... and a lot of gear.
The kiddos were awesome.  
There's even a store that sells ice cream!!!
Kai is in heaven... 
Just learned that Dean Potter passed away.... another inspiration gone... a sad day.  Almost exactly a year after his buddy Sean Leary passed away doing the same thing.  With that I'd like to link to Steph Davis' post about Sean.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

TR: A day on Shasta - Part 3 of 3: The Entertainer

After celebrating our ridiculous day with a few beers in the lot, and talking to some spiritual seekers who were stoned and looking for 2 of their companions.... we decided to keep raising the bar by finding some exchange students to drive Kim's car down the hill so we could check out the single track down to town.

Here's part 3...

And here's all 3 condensed to one 5 min. vid.

Alberto & ??? getting ready to drive the car down for our shuttle... I figured since I had no info on them, I should probably take a pic or something.  I don't think this pic would have helped...
Here's what we rode... you can start higher up on Bunny Flat when there isn't any snow.  But we started off of Sand Flat due to snow, and even then we had to ride/hike through a bit snow..  If you want good skiing, you'll probably be starting where we did or maybe even lower.

Here's a map of the lower trails, most of which we didn't explore... next time, we'll have to do a bit more exploring.

And here's a link with more suggestions...

I had heard that the snowpack at Shasta was doing really good this year with the snowpack around average... but maybe not?
The Mt Shasta area has finished off winter with precipitation (since October 1st, the beginning of the wet season) at 32.77 inches of water, normal is 36.68, which puts us as 89% of normal. For 2015, we sit with 13.25 inches of water, normal is 21.47, or 61% of normal. Snow survey for the Sacramento, Shasta and Trinity Watersheds is far below normal for the month of April. Snowpack for the Mt Shasta area is 24% of normal with water content at 26% of normal. Even more concerning is the McCloud area snowpack. There is no measureable snow. For the first time since 1945, the first year snow surveys were started on the McCloud river watershed, McCloud courses were 0% of normal. The majority of Southern Siskiyou Counties current snowpack exists above 7,000 feet in elevation. Snowpack above this elevation actually shows a favorable increase from last year. However, after entering the fourth year of below average snowpack and no current snowpack in the lower elevations, the drought will have serious implications to water supplies and on the health of natural resources and wildlife.

Since most of

And remember to check out the climbing advisory

The point forecast

The Forecast Discussion

useful links for checking out the wind.


Other Links

Shasta Snow Depth

Monday, May 11, 2015

TR: A day on Shasta - Part 2: Shasta

Aaargh... accidentally deleted this post... oh well...

looking up our route on Whitney Glacier
The longest glacier in CA

Convert to booting... check
rice ball.... check

looking back at our descent off Shastina
After the rice ball B turned on his turbos
A glorious day... should've been packed, but didn't see anyone...
Summit selfie

B's summit shot
our descent into Avy Gulch
perfect corn.
stoked selfie
a short skate to the car...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TR: A day on Shasta - Part 1: Shastina

I first encountered Barrett near the top of Shasta on a solo mission up the standard Avy Gulch, 3 years ago.  We started talking about descending together, and soon roped in Scott to the conversation, another solo climber with skis on his back.  We figured we were all going at a good pace, reached the summit together, and we should share the stoke on the way down.  Scott convinced Barrett and I to do Konwakiton with him, as he was a bit tentative on doing it solo.

We had a great time on our descent, enjoyed beers at the bottom, exchanged e-mail addresses and have been on many adventures since.  With Barrett; I've climbed Hotlum-Wintun, skied out to Pear Lake Hut, rode an insane mtn bike race.  With Scott, I've climbed Big Willie and Tyndall, had the best pow day last year at Sugar Bowl.  They were up at Shasta a few weekends back, but I couldn't join them, and I don't think all three of us have managed to get together since.

Anyway, Scott got us amped on Shastina, so I came up with an ambitious plan to do Shastina, then Shasta, and check out some of the mountain bike trails down to town.  I think Barrett was a bit hesitant of the plan, as he was going to be there 3 days, but I said we'll play it by ear and make decisions throughout the day depending on how we are feeling.

Turns out if you start the day dropping Angel Wings, you feel great.

signing in with our ambitious plan... Shastina, Whitney Glacier, Kowakiton, Bunny Flat... 
sharing my pooping quarters with this guy...
I left Oakland at 8 pm, and got to BF around 1 am.  Woke up at 4 am to start organizing my food/gear for the day.  Ended up not eating as much food or water...  I can definitely go even lighter next time... 
Booting up Hidden Valley after skiing down off of the ridge between Cascade Gulch.
Barrett with Shastina behind him.  I think the actual summit is on the far left.  
Sisson Lake... not much of a lake..
Google Awesome!
Looking up our eventual climbing route on the Whitney Glacier
One entrance to Angel Wings.  One of the furthest right entrances... and it's steep.  The further right, the steeper...
For our first time earning our wings on Shasta, we opted for the furthest skier's left entrance.  Which seemed mellow enough for us even with bad snow conditions.  We didn't really know what the conditions were going to be like on this N. Facing aspect, so we wanted to play her safe.  
B ready to drop after I told him that the snow was firm, chalky, but fun!
First of many turns of the day.  
Getting to explore this side of Shasta was another real treat for me.  I've climbed up from 4 different trailheads, this was my 23rd summit, and I've circumnavigated this mountain with a buddy in 3 days.  but being this high up in this area was a whole new experience.  The glacier, the color of the rock, and the summit above created an alien landscape that we really enjoyed . 
Further down on Angel Wings.  the snow got really fun around here.  Softened up just enough to really let her loose.  
Slarvy fun.
Our line from below.  Much less intimidating from this angle.  

Once the slope mellowed out, we traversed over towards the glacier, ate a wasabi ham sandwich and half a giant rice ball
and started our hike.  Our day was just beginning, and we were already stoked out of our gourds.

part 2... coming soon...

have to add a few pics from Jibmaster from his day via N. Gate, which shows off our descent much better.  

This shows our descent quite well. We basically dropped in farthes looker's right snowfield in the pic and diagonally skied down through the funnel.  Pic: Brent Heffner
The slopes to the right of Angel Wings off Shastina look like a fun option, with no consequences. Pic: Brent Heffner
Shasta and Shastina Pic: Brent Heffner