Monday, January 21, 2019


Something I do think I'm invincible... and I get carried away thinking I'm in a video game just bouncing from one obstacle to another with no thought toward any kind of possible consequence...

And it's probably a good thing I don't remember anything about this... but boy this sure looks scary now that I'm looking at pics of it from 2.5 months ago.  Early one Tues morning, I donned on my brand new kit and met up with c510 crew for the Tues Tunnel loop... and on the first 50 ft from the meet up spot I slipped on something and I was over the handlebars and on the ground.  I was with a big crew, this happened early on in the ride, and was with a doc... quite thankful for these facts.   

not gonna enlarge some of these pics... here's how Kimbo found me at Highland hospital. They took some X-rays, catscans, etc... and found a broken rib... from a month ago.  This injury was quite weird and it never hurt.  I was kinda surprised myself, but the nurses were shocked.  
Not sure how, but my fitbit was destroyed!

The first two days back I slept for 14+ hours.  My bell got clanged... 
here's my blood spot 2 days later... 
EBMUD was working on that sewer lateral down there and my front tire hit something... 
1 mo later
2 mo later... 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Angel Island - epicness

Had a fun, quick camping trip to Angel Island with the boys.  Sam and Henry joined us, Tim joined us via boat.  And the Garz came out for a day trip.  This was one of those magical summer-like fall days in the bay area that we'll remember for a while. 

AI circumnavigation
Took the boys up to the top on Sat

The boys loved the ferry ride over.
Gettin' a bit hazy already... 
Nikko loves Henry!  He even helps him up the hills!
Check out this poison oak house... 
The boys!
Awesome beach day!

After beach time, we went on a run while the kids and Kimbo rode bikes.  

Taking the shortcut down to Kayak Camp... 
The beach down by Kayak camp... we got a crab... 
Eating some Dang Chips!  It's yummy Vince!
Angel Island is truely magical at dawn after all the day trippers have left the island... all the sudden it feels like you've got the whole place to yourself.  

After Tim arrived, we set out for a sunrise viewing walk up Mt. Livermore

The racoons checked out our site... 
So did this guy. Who just casually strolled up and walked between our tents... 
Sam and I enjoyed a nice morning run on Sun.

These guys poached the "day-use area" overnight.  They were respectful enough, and didn't appear to get busted.  
The only car on the island... booo
Awesome fort!
The Garz came and joined us!

bury Hen!

We had dinner at Marin Brew Co... they have some fun playstructures near by.