Wednesday, September 20, 2017

OR road trip part 2: Shenanigans in Portland

In front of my favorite soapbox car
The day after the Timbers game, we first went out to Mt. Tabor to check out the adult Soapbox derby that Jasper told us about last night.  He was volunteering for it.  The kids had a great time watching hipsters bomb down the hill in decked out soapbox cars.  Good times.  

Then we cruised back towards downtown and decided to bike around town... the best way to see any city in my opinion, especially Portland.    

The kids got the bed this night...
But they still snuggled with us in our bed in the morning, where I read them a few chapters.  
White currants from Louie's yard.  Yummers.  
Soon, we went to meet up with Jasper who was volunteering at the box car derby.  
Watching these decked out cars cruising down the park certainly a highlight for the boys.  

The totoro cat bus!  We had to go back up and see this one up close.  

The kids in their own derby car... at the playground in Mt. Tabor
Soon we were biking around town, crossing bridges, mainly on bike paths, lovely day in Portland...

My ride for the day.  
Only in Portland...
Soon we found this gem of a splash pad... and decided to hang out here.  
The kids got pretty soaked really quickly, so I went to a goodwill and got some clothes and a towel.  

Pretty sweet robe right?

Back in Louie's hood, we walked down to Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) and met up with Jasper and his lady.  
Check out the sampler!  It was 10$ for it all... a great deal IMO.    

Brekky on the deck.  Courtesy of Louie!
TP!  Courtesy of Louie...
Nikko swinging... holding 10 ft bamboo...
The caterpillar we caught made a cocoon!
After brekky, we walked/uni-ed down to the local park...
Which featured a splash pad.  Something the bay area lacks due to it being cold all the time...
This strategy sufficiently pooped out the kids...

And we had an easy drive down to Corvallis for the eclipse viewing for tomorrow... 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pano: Tenaya Lake

Always a great place to close out a fun-filled weekend in Tuolumne.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Finally got to see the Portland Timbers play.  Every time Lou-Doo comes and visits he comes down with a different item of Timbers paraphernalia.  So we wore everything we had (scarf, T-shirt, nikko has a shirt, and Kai has some pants) up to Portland to watch them play the NY Red Bulls.  Lou-doo really hooked it up for us as we had a dinner with the kids at his sister's place, then Kimbo and I hopped on a loaner bike and cruised into to downtown to watch the game.  He got us tickets in the Timber's Army section... which is basically 1/3rd of the stadium... and his brother in law saved us some seats (not that we sat down at all).  We had a great time cheering, drinking, and watching shenanigans.  

earlier in the day at a rest stop somewhere south of Portland.  See the Timber's attire?  Oh, we didn't bring the kids, but the Army section is fairly kid friendly.... other than the fact that they wouldn't be able to see.  I guess I should say baby friendly.  We saw a bunch of babies.  
X-sing the bridge into downtown.  Watching a wake surfer in the Columbia.

Fire truck!

Check ou tthe beer holder that goes in the seat.  That's how often you sit down here... 
felt like we were right in a European game.  
proper Army attire

great beer selection inside...

These guys don't watch the game.  They just coordinate the yelling.