Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food from Italy!

Was awesome! mmmm.... here's some of the highlights.

The 5 kg jar of nutella...

Pizza... in all shapes and sizes.

But they were all yummy...
seafood pizza.

Potato Chip pizza.

French fries and sausage...

Kevin is in love...

I don't know what this is all about... but frozen sushi at the convenience store

This is for Stefan!  Honey!

Beer actually kinda sucked over there... at least they had Duff Beer...
all except for the Pink IPA by Almond '22 that I found on the last day.

Ah... the tripe sandwich in Florence.  

The thought of a morning cup of espresso and a pastry got me out of bed every morning quite easily.  This muffin had custard risotto.  My favorite pastry in Italy.

??? Head Cheese?

I think we had Bruschetta every night.  The tomatoes are so much better in Europe.

And pretty much anything with Anchovies was a good call.

My go-to meal in Italy, "Linguinie Al Vongole"

Wild Boar in cocoa sauce with pine nuts & almonds.  Best meat dish of the trip

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tim & Laina (Dec 19, 2010)

Happy Holidays!!!  For the last few weeks Kimbo & I have been in Italy.  Mainly drinking wine at enotecas, and eating amazing pasta and pizza on the side.  But the main event was the celebration of Tim & Laina's marriage outside of Poppi, Italy.  And I also had the pleasure of Procuitto-ing Tim & Laina's rental car.  My hands smelled like bacon for a few days afterward... which was awesome.  I'll post some of the better pics later.

Tim's dad drinking some Gentleman's Juice Box.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shed Building!

So our new home doesn't have a garage or a shed.  :(

But as a compromise, and so that we can actually use our second bedroom, we hired Diego Soto to put in a shed on our long driveway.


For those of you in the bay area... if you need any renovations, or shed, or garages installed... I can refer you to Diego.  He da man!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Panos from Round Top...

To see these bigger click on the pics... and for the other photos, check out my gallery

Thursday, December 2, 2010

That time of the year again...

to shred the GNAR...

my 3rd one of the day...

Toro cut this one off a bit too early...

My neck is still a bit sore from this one.

Red Dog Gully

Fun double...

Under KT

Thanx to toro for the fine companionship and taking pics...