Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Caz 300km

Been busy taking care of the most important thing in my life.  A baby boy... so yeah, this blog will slow down a bit....

So the weekend after Jeff and I completed the Davis night 200km, we decided to go for the Old Caz 300 km brevet.  After reading the description, how could anyone resist?

Highlights included:

  • bread pudding!  
  • river crossing
  • sunrise & sunset over the g.g. bridge
  • beautiful roads
  • riding with the box dog bikes folks... great company.  

This took us 15+ hours... left a 5:30 am... got back at 9 pm or so.

Bike route 390494 - powered by Bikemap 

Here's a long time-lapse... look for the helicopters towards the end.

From Jeff:
On highway one at the top of the climb after Stinson beach there were two helicopters and bunch of police and an ambulance at the top of the cliff. One copter was grounded and the other scanning the shoreline below. We saw a rope being lowered over the cliff to (presumable) pull someone up. The road was closed but luckily they let us go by.
I just found this story online so I assume this is what happened. Adnan you should pay close attention to where they landed!

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