Personal Goals/Trips I'd like to do...

Kimbo often catches me scheming about my next ride, ski, run, or climb as I'm on mapping out a route, or pouring over maps trying to figure out how much time it'll take for me to summit peak X, before Nikko wakes up.  And the truth is (surprise, surprise), I actually DO have lots of ideas floating around in my head about what my next adventure should be... it's actually quite exhausting thinking about trip after trip...

So I figure I'd share them with the world... if you have a comment or have done any of these trips, feel free to let me know...

In no particular order

Acro/parkour GOALS
  • Get a solid backflip/backtuck
  • Planche
  • Front Lever
  • 1 min free handstand
  • Splits
Khalid towing Kevin during Critical Mass in 2007
    • Do Tam, Diablo, or Hamilton or a century ride once a month
    • Participate in a new event 
    • Wheelie
    • 6 centuries a year
  • Triple Crown?
  • 600k brevet
  • 1000k/1200k ride
  • 100 mile mtn bike ride
    • maybe with Kai and Nikko when they are older
  • Tour of Oregon
  • Tour de Wyoming
  • Umpqua Trail
  • Bikepacking
Louis jumping for joy on the Evolution's Loop

Stefan? at Mission Peak
Trail Running:
    • do a 50 mile run
    • run in Yosemite once a year
at the 11th annual Tour of SF Coker Ride
    • Wheelwalk
    • Teach Kai how to Uni
    • Coker Ride up Tam, Hamilton, or Diablo
    • MUNI ride once a month
    • 100 mile ride
  • CA MUNI Weekend
  • Moab MUNI Fest
  • UniCon every 2 years
  • Tour of SF, every year...
Funk on Ancient Art
    • do a new 14er
    • Climb Shasta
    • Climb in the Sierras
  • Yosemite
    • Big Walls
      • Do the Nose
      • Reg Route on Half Dome
      • Prow
      • Lost Arrow
    • Long Routes
  • Sierras
    • Mt. Russell
      • Fishhook Arete
      • Mithral Dihedral
    • Incredible Hulk
      • Red Dihedral
    • Charlotte Dome
    • Bear Creek Spire
    • Ruby Wall
    • Temple Crag
      • with Nick - 
    • Merriam Peak
  • Traverses
    • Evolutions Traverse
    • Full Palisades Traverse
    • Cathedral Traverse
    • Minarets Traverse
  • Out of State
    • Black Canyon of the Gunnison
    • Diamond on Longs Peak
    • N. Cascades
    • Tetons
    • Devil's Tower
      • I'd like to go back there and do a few more routes.  The last time was back in like 2000 with Louis, and we went up the easiest route.  
  • Outside of the US
    • Cirque of the Unclimbables
      • with a name like that, who wouldn't wanna climb there... 
    • Lofoten islands... Josh tells me this place is incredible
    • Torres del Paine
the crapper that used to be at the top of Mt. Whitney... 2003

    • Go on a ski trip
    • go pond skimming
    • teach Kai
  • Big Trips
    • Japan
    • Chile/Argentina
    • British Columbia hut trip
    • Valhalla Traverse
    • Spearhead Traverse
    • Wapta Traverse
    • Chamonix
    • Pico de Orizaba
    • Crater Lake Circumnavigation with descents...
    • N. Cascades
  • in CA
    • Big Bird (Tallac)
    • Split Mtn
      • St. Jean Chute
      • Central Chute
    • Williamson (Giant Steps?)
    • Mt. Tom
    • Wood (Z-chute)
    • Laurel
      • Pinner
      • Mendenhall
    • Checked Demon, Kindergarden, N. Coulouir of Emerson
    • Attempt a Trans Sierra in under 24 hours
    • Ski all of the 14ers
      • So far: Shasta, Whitney
Kai & I on the Russian River

Sea Kayaking/Canoe/Raft/SUP
    • Do a thurs night paddle with John
    • Get a bomber roll on both sides
    • Back deck roll
    • Commute to work 8 times
    • Get a new surfski
Kimbo and Julie in Paria Canyon
  • Cali
    • down Tenaya Canyon
  • Utah
    • Zion (go Trail Running too)
      • Imlay
on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal
Big/International Trips/Expeditions:
  • Canoe the boundary waters
  • S. Africa Hiking
  • Hiking Balkans
  • Nicaragua
  • Patagonia, hiking hut to hut
  • Cycle tour hot sprint to hot spring in Iceland

With Kai and Nikko when they are older:
  • Hike the JMT
  • Bike/Hike the Great Divide Trail
  • Bike across the US
  • Bike down from Alaska
  • Climb the 14ers
Other Crazy Ideas
  • Packrafting in Utah
  • Packrafting AK's Lost Coast
  • Visit S. Georgia Island... according to Ted, this place is incredible. 

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