Monday, February 29, 2016

Monthly Pano: Dick's Peak

Looking north towards Dick's Lake.
Summit shot on Dick's
Another angle on Dick's Lake from near Dick's Pass.
Maggie's Peaks, Tallac with the rarely skied gnar in Kalmia Bowl.
Looking down one of the chutes on Maggie's Peak with half frozen Fallen Leaf Lake below.  The north facing trees on Tallac looking tasty, with the north bowl looming above.  
From Maggie's Peak... a great shot of Tahoe.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hyperlapsed Bike Ride...

not sure why this quality is so poor... I'll have to keep playing with this..

Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Resolutions

updated from my 2015 list...

On Going Annual Goals (note: these aren't "resolutions"... rather goals... as I know I won't be able to do all/most of them....
Pt. Reyes.  A fun 10 miler out to Alamere Falls. 
2015 was the year of cycling.  Didn't get out on any real long runs.  A few 20 milers, but nothing notable.  If my ankle holds up I want to ramp up my miles and finally do a 50 miler... so nothing changed here.  
  • do a 50 miler
  • do a long run in the Sierras.  
  • do several longer runs on my list...
    • 2015 - most notable may have been Alamere Falls... 
    • East Bay Skyline, Tam, Ohlone, Skyline to the Sea, Ridge to Bridge, Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, Tenaya Rim Loop, Big Sur

2015-07-30 15 06 56
The three musty muskateers atop Steens Mtn.  
Finished a 600k!  Weehaw.  And went on a pseudo bikepacking trip around the Steens Mtns, which was a highlight.  
Summit of Shastas with B
  • Goals for 2016:
    • Ski trip - going to AK with the boys in April!  Woot woot!
    • Do a E. Side Peak
  • Goals for 2015:
    • Go on a ski trip!  From now on, I'm planning one ski trip a year.  This year we are headed to Bell Lake Yurt in Montana! - that was awesome...
    • And I'm gonna add... go pond skimming...  this turns out to be tough... as the conditions have to be perfect.  Next time I get the opportunity, I will make it a priority. - didn't get to do it last year either...
  • 2014: was a meager year, but highlights include: Shasta with Barrett, North Peak with Stefan, Lassen with Metres, two powder days at Sugar Bowl, spending family time and teaching Kai how to ski!  I can't wait get Kai on the snow... 
  • go on a hut trip
  • climb Shasta
photo: tom holub... looks like I have an eye patch.  Arrrrgh!
  • Wasn't very successful in reaching my uni goals.  I think this will come more naturally when Kai starts unicycling.  Which is another goal I just added.  
  • 2016 goal: 
    • Teach Kai to Unicycle
  • goals from 2015: 
    • Teach Kai to Uni - progressing... but not quite there yet...I did get a MUNI and I've been riding it around... I've done Chaparral w/o any dabs and have had some fun sessions with Tom and Co on Side O.  
  • Goals from 2014:
    • Wheelwalk 10 ft... yeah I need to work on this... this has been on my list forever...
    • Coker ride up Tam or Hamilton... nope... but I did get on my coker a few times this year logging around 200 miles.  
    • get a MUNI!  

about to tumble...
  • Goals for 2016: 
    • go to a few rolling classes
    • get out at least once a month
    • go SUP surfing 6x.
  • get out on the canoe/kayak/surfski... just get out on the water more..
  • 2015: I'm pretty sure I got out at least once a month.  I paddled across the bay 7 times, all solo.  The point reyes cycling/paddle adventure was amazing, loon lake, spring lake... fun times. I won't be commuting as much since we moved offices.  Alas... might be time to start selling a few boats.  
  • Goals from 2014:
    • go on a few thurs night paddles with John B... never did manag to get out.  Did go out to Albany Shoal with Mi-Suk and met up with the folks.  
    • get a bomber roll on both sides... not so bomber... need to go on a few more practice rolling sessions
    • back deck roll? - nope
    • commute to work 12 times.  I think I did it more like 8 times.  

Kai the slabmaster...
  • tag a new 14er (10 of 15 done...)
    • 2015: was a bad year for climbing for me... never really got out in the alpine environment...
    • 2014: Didn't make it up a new one... but I did make it up Sill again with Nick... but I guess I did go up 2 new ones the year before, so I'll give myself a pass.  
    • 2013: Williamson and Tyndall with Scott
backflippin' in Alameda
  • Do a 1 min (free) handstand
    • 2015: I've been taking Parkour classes, which has helped this goal.  But 1 min turns out to be quite a long time.  I'm up to about 20 seconds.  
  • Work on my Front Flip & Side Flip
  • keep progressing on my planche & front lever
  • Crow to Handstand.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

TR: Carson to Kirkwood!

2016-01-28 10 14 51
summit shot!
Had a great day out with Messy and Lou-Doo.  They were on their way to Mammoth, staying at HvF on the way down, so I caught up with them for the classic tour from Carson Pass to Kirkwood.  We met up at the Kirkwood parking lot around 7 am, and we were back at Carson touring by 8 am.  I was on a bit of a time crunch as I had to be back in the bay by 6 pm, but nevertheless we still skied Crescent Couloir, the sisters, 4th of July peak back to Kirkwood by 1:45 pm... and I made it home by 5:30 pm.  All in all, another great day in the mountains.

This time, everything went smooth... no naked ski descents, no broken necks, no mingie riding chair 3, drunken boy scout troop leaders, etc... unlike last time.  9 years ago.

2016-01-28 08 57 42
First glance of our first destination.
2016-01-28 09 38 07
We saw these boot tracks, so we decided to go up the chute rather than going around...
2016-01-28 10 10 05
Messy at the top
2016-01-28 10 26 27
Since the main chute (looker's right) was a bit wind buffed and crusty, we decided to check out the middle chute.  This would be the craziest entrance to Crescent... a double with a 40 footer that drops you into the middle of the chute where you have to point it for 500 ft until you reach the apron.  
2016-01-28 10 43 25
Louie in the entrance
2016-01-28 11 39 37
Forth of July Lake from the Sisters
2016-01-28 11 51 10
Skiing the Sisters
2016-01-28 13 21 23
our last descent from the shoulder of Melissa Coray.
2016-01-28 17 29 11
made it back for this guy... who welcomed me with a 102 fever...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monthly Pano: Carson to Kirkwood!

2016-01-28 09 34 22
Getting ready to boot up the couloir.
Short TR coming soon...

2016-01-28 10 14 02
Summit Pano... this is printable... look for messy...
2016-01-28 11 47 04
Top of our second descent... that was some creamy goodness...
my favorite entertainer at the moment...