Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hoes Down! 2nd year!

We had an amazing time last year with D, so we invited a bunch of other families and went back.  This is a festival not to be missed... if you are a hippie, live in the bay area, like animals, circus, line dancin', smoothies, home made ice cream, ziplines, haystack forts, petting animals, swimming, etc... basically if you are sane.  This year we met up with the Souzas, Smiths, Nickelsens, Mindy & Eric, D, and ran into Kara, that was great.  

On the way home, we drove out of our way a bit and met up with the Hoefts at the Western Railroad Museum.  The kids had a blast.  

Next time: 
  • Get on the ziplines, etc early... before the line is too long.  
  • Get there early... there's too much to do. 
  • Nikko won't need a nap!  That's more time for partying!

pit stop... 
Setting up for campin'
Testing out the new hammock... it was used for about 20 min.  
Greeting the cows on our way in
Kai churning ice cream!
Hey look... that's my acrobatics instuctor from Athletic Playground.  Vik... This is while waiting in line for the zipline!

Kai was too young last year... I think he's a bit young this year... but they let him go anyway.  

They made this thing a bit too complicated.  Next year: headlights, and a watch with a 3 min timer... so that they can pop out and tell us they are ok. 
Went back to camp to grab a few things... but check out this set up!  Party outside the fest!

Kai on the dunk tank!

Nikko gettin' his groove on
Go Nikko Go!
The T-sisters
Katie Bell...
Shaye Shay!
Camp situation.
The next morning, we met up with the Hoefts at the Western Railway Museum.  It's in the middle of nowhere, but it's really cool
as Kool as Willie the Penguin

These boys...
The train takes you on like a 10 min journey, stops then turns around... 
it's quite exciting for little boys../
The Hoefts
Nikko showing off his stinko face...

The Hoeft boys beat the Kuwabara kids on the "goofy" shot..
Group kiddo shot!
They turned into animals on the way home...
so we took them directly to a playground... another fun weekend in the books...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Toro & D!

They finally got hitched!  Up in Sebastapol.  And the boys got all dolled up.  We shared an AirBnB with the Ralstons and Metres.  Sure was great hanging with B-ral and GG again.  

Weddings are fun. 
his bachelor party wasn't bad either.  
Toro's Last Wrestle at Lake Tahoe from Jamie Servaites on Vimeo.

Upon arrival we decided to check out the neighborhood park.  
After settling into the AirBnB we biked/ran over to HopMonk where we drank, and got drunk.  I biked home on Kai's bike.  That was fun.  
Next morning Metres, Bral and I went on  a short road ride.  Which included a climb of Joy Rd... which was fun section during King Ridge...

Back to daddy duty
The junk sculptures were a block away... that was fun checking them out and hearing what Kai had to say about them.

Found a ramen shop... I gave it a D+

The boy's were ready for the show!
What a bunch of stinkers.
NIkko just out cruisin'
Kai's turn... Nikko wasn't happy about that.
Flower girls!
And the beautiful bride...
Rev Funkle doin' his thing

Back at the house... Kai was using Nikko as a pillow
The next morning Stefan and I went on our uni ride...
to help clean up the party!
The three Nikko's at the party!