Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Downieville Classic!

Good lookin' crew right there.  Huzzah!
Back in Downieville!  Metres organized a fun family weekend up at Downieville.  The boys did the Downieville Classic XC race, and the ladies did a great job supporting us.

our first road trip in the Prius!

Registered, ready to rock.  So many events in Downieville during the day.  
Easy Crusin' down to the start
The cheerleading team met us near the campsite... which is at the top of the brutal climb.
Go J-Chase!
Kids being cute
Sena... scaring the kids
Dres... winning.  

Map of the route.

It rained on us for a few minutes during the ride... which was a nice relief.  And made the trails extra dirty.
Finish pic!
Dirty finishers....
the finishing line bikes... 

Naptime on the way back to camp.
Back at the campfire...
The local lake... the ladies about to swim across the lake.  

Nikko likes to swim until he is uncontrollably shivering.
We warmed him up on a nice chair
We joined the Marins and Chases for lunch at Metres' new house!
The kids were collecting pine cones!
Then we drove straight to Joe & Laura's who were streaming Phish.

happy B-day Anthea!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pano: Sierra Buttes

On the way up to our camp above Sierraville for the Downieville XC.... Nikko almost made it... but no he got carsick.  We were sooo close... at least he made us stop at a nice view.

Is it ski season yet?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cherry Lake Boat in Camping!

after riding up to Rainbow Falls... I got picked up by my lovely wife... and we cruised down the dirt road to Cherry Lake... where Alex was waiting for us on his boat.  What a guy.

Definitely want to do this trip again next year.  So much fun.  And so much potential... especially with the boat.

do you see the bald eagle?  
We got in quite late, so after dinner and smores we were ready to bunk it.  
Next day started off with Kai finding some bugs... 
breakfast tastes great with this view.  even if it's just beer...
all kinds of boating options.  
This island was a perfect destination for the kids to go to.  Or the adults to swim to.  
Beach time...
The Kuwabara boys were mainly nudy booty...
I got Nikko down for a nap... 
so I got to go on a run.  After a quick 1/2 mile of X-country, I quickly found the trail.  Here's the strava.  With 2 more hours I'd love to loop around Kibbie Lake.  
So many rules... 
That big island was pretty close to us.  There were folks camping on it.  We canoed out to it earlier.  
Showy Penstemon?  
Next time... 
This was quite a scare. Stepped on this HUGE rattler while cruising downhill.  Might be the biggest one I've ever seen.  That would have been scary... 
back at the lake... Kai ready to jump in!
Nikko... swollen from mosquito bites.  
still pretty cute... 
Plenty of loungin' going on.  
The adults started playing "beach poker"... might be a first.  
at Sunset Alex took the kids out to fish!  And they caught one!  A huge lunker as you can see.  

Alex hunting for more fish... never ended up with a keeper.  

D took Hux out on his first SUP ride.  
and we're ready to go home... 

Alex cruised around with the kids as we loaded up the van.  
Soon the kids were asleep... then Kai woke up.  And I gave him an ice cream... then Nikko woke up while Kai was halfway done.  But Nikko didn't notice.  Miracle...
We drove straight to Jeff & Julie's to watch the fireworks from the A's game.  
Do you have a dock at your house?  Me = jealous... 
I went out for a quick paddle with Tim.  
Kai liked their "firepit"  
more pics here: https://telek.smugmug.com/Weekend-Trips/2017/Cherry-Lake-4th-of-July-2017/
panos: https://telek.smugmug.com/Weekend-Trips/2017/Cherry-Lake-panos/