Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cherry Lake Boat in Camping!

after riding up to Rainbow Falls... I got picked up by my lovely wife... and we cruised down the dirt road to Cherry Lake... where Alex was waiting for us on his boat.  What a guy.

Definitely want to do this trip again next year.  So much fun.  And so much potential... especially with the boat.

do you see the bald eagle?  
We got in quite late, so after dinner and smores we were ready to bunk it.  
Next day started off with Kai finding some bugs... 
breakfast tastes great with this view.  even if it's just beer...
all kinds of boating options.  
This island was a perfect destination for the kids to go to.  Or the adults to swim to.  
Beach time...
The Kuwabara boys were mainly nudy booty...
I got Nikko down for a nap... 
so I got to go on a run.  After a quick 1/2 mile of X-country, I quickly found the trail.  Here's the strava.  With 2 more hours I'd love to loop around Kibbie Lake.  
So many rules... 
That big island was pretty close to us.  There were folks camping on it.  We canoed out to it earlier.  
Showy Penstemon?  
Next time... 
This was quite a scare. Stepped on this HUGE rattler while cruising downhill.  Might be the biggest one I've ever seen.  That would have been scary... 
back at the lake... Kai ready to jump in!
Nikko... swollen from mosquito bites.  
still pretty cute... 
Plenty of loungin' going on.  
The adults started playing "beach poker"... might be a first.  
at Sunset Alex took the kids out to fish!  And they caught one!  A huge lunker as you can see.  

Alex hunting for more fish... never ended up with a keeper.  

D took Hux out on his first SUP ride.  
and we're ready to go home... 

Alex cruised around with the kids as we loaded up the van.  
Soon the kids were asleep... then Kai woke up.  And I gave him an ice cream... then Nikko woke up while Kai was halfway done.  But Nikko didn't notice.  Miracle...
We drove straight to Jeff & Julie's to watch the fireworks from the A's game.  
Do you have a dock at your house?  Me = jealous... 
I went out for a quick paddle with Tim.  
Kai liked their "firepit"  
more pics here: https://telek.smugmug.com/Weekend-Trips/2017/Cherry-Lake-4th-of-July-2017/
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Ride Report: 680 to flow

So many trails in Marin... such a pain to get to, follow all the rules, etc.  But when the stars line up, those are quite delightful.  

sweet view of the city

Sena... struggling.  And having fun.  

Japan with Kai!

Spent two weeks in Japan with Kai!  Had a great time with Ojiichan and Obaachan as Kai caught up on his Japanese.  I kept up a google album while I was there as it was an easy way for Kimbo to keep up to date.  Here's the album.  

I found it was an easy way to keep up with photos with Kimbo.
and here's the one google made automatically... which is pretty good... just doesn't have any descriptions.  https://goo.gl/photos/iDmFp55oUAU38ynb6

And played around with Quik a bit.  These vids were made on my phone.  Pretty cool egh? Footage from GoPro and my new camera can be wirelessly downloaded to my phone... so I can use that footage and edit pretty easily.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Emerald Bay Boat in Camping.

Toro on top of Fannette at Sunset.  
Our second year at this magical site.  This year Kate, Toro and D$ joined us in addition to Durbs and Laina, who were there last year with us.  We went up to Pahatsi on Thurs night, paddled in Fri morning and stayed 2 nights.  That's the minimum no. of nights in my opinion...

The lake level was much higher this year, and there wasn't much of a beach to speak of.  So the kids were bummed about that.  But seeing the crayfish trap was pretty cool.

Nikko at the launch... he's ready to go!
Katie Bell used my red kayak for the trip.  
The kiddos were getting along on the way in.  
There's a bald eagle up there... I need a better camera for this... 

I found a log to jump off of...
And soon we were registered and signed in.  

Toro brought some goggles for Kai to use...
And we found someone's crayfish trap on the dock.  We gotta get one of these next year.  Did you know an estimated 300 million of these invasive species live in Tahoe?  
The Tahoe Lobster Co used to commercially fish these...
Our dinner... 
Nikko & Kai's favorite rock
I took Kai out to Fannette on Toro's SUP.  Should've brought mine.  They just towed theirs behind the canoe.  Great idea.  Toro +1 point.  
Toro helping Kai with his #slacklife... Toro +2
After dinner we went on a sunset tour of Fannette.  We had the whole island to ourselves!

Nikko with the photobomb
D & Toro...
Kai and Katie Bell.  
The family shot.  
Next morning... cruised out for a solo morning SUP session.  Sooo glassy.  Amazing.  Gotta bring my 12'6" next year.  
I do declare... 
Nikko wanted to go on a boat ride!
Hot air balloon... 
Kai in a big tree...
Lower Eagle Falls
Katie Bell being a good guardian
Check it.  There used to be an old resort where the campground is.  
Kai walking on water
The kiddos found the only patch of beach to play in.  They didn't want to leave... 
... back at camp... 
I got Nikko down for a nap, so I took off for a run!
Rooster rock!  Much lower jump now.  
The Rubicon Trail along the shore here is a gem...
Back at camp Toro was doing a good job watching the boys... 
chillin... you can see the amount of beach left here... 
Kai helping out with dinner makin'
tri tip time... 
The next morning Durbs swam across the lake while boat traffic was minimal and the bay was calm.  
He aimed for this dead tree... not knowing there was a family of bald eagles on it.  A "convocation'?
We made our slow paddle back to Rubicon bay and stopped at a few spots to have lunch.  
So long Emerald Bay!  Til next year!
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Next time: