Bay area weekend bike campin' ideas...

This map has a list of some of the hiker-biker sites in the bay area.

For all the state park options: go to and select "Hike or Bike Campsites" and browse the map below.

Marin Options:

  • CAMP - Samuel P. Taylor - one of my favorite spots.
  • CAMP - Marin Headlands - has a few campsites you can reserve for cheap (might even be free)... although it's fireroads and you can bike to them, some of those fire roads are really steep...
  • CAMP - Pt. Reyes - has 4 campsites you can bike into via the service roads.  Coast camp is probably the easiest.  These get booked pretty fast.
  • CAMP - China Camp - biker hiker site? need to confirm this...
  • HOSTEL - Headlands Hostel - never stayed there, but looks nice from the outside
    • Option 1 - China Camp to Samuel P Taylor with Paradise Loop

Napa Options:

  • CAMP - Napa Bothe

Penninsula Options:

  • CAMP - Half Moon Bay - these hiker biker sites are amazing.  Tons of space, on the bike path, close to the beach... dreamy.  5 stars.
  • CAMP - Portola Redwoods - haven't checked out the biker site
  • HOSTEL - Pigeon Pt Lighthouse - a nice hostel at the lighthouse.  Pretty sweet spot.  

Santa Cruz Mtns Options:

  • CAMP - Castle Rock SP - has 20 hiker sites at "Castle Rock Trail Camp" These are first come first serve.  For cyclists, you'll have to ride down for almost a mile down a dirt service road to get there.  Hikers can hike in from the main entrance.  There are pay slots there, or you can stop at the main park entrance and pay in person.  Be sure to put the proof of payment on the bike as a ranger came by at 9 pm to hassle us about it.  From this campground, hiking to Russell Point for sunset is a must do.  This site will fill up on weekends... so I hear.  There is also another Trail Camp at Waterman Gap.  There are 6 sites there, and it'd be another 9 mile ride.  Since this site is farther from the main parking lot, I'm guessing less folks go there.  If that's full, then you'll have to press on to Big Basin another 7 miles or so from there. Also, no fires.  
  • CAMP - Big Basin - haven't been there, but sounds like a legit hiker biker site, so you won't have to worry about it filling up. 
  • CAMP - Henry Cowell SP - haven't been there, but also sounds legit.  Curious why it doesn't come up on the official state parks map.  
  • CAMP - New Brighton SB - awesome spot.  There's no privacy and the hiker biker site is pretty small, but that's a lovely campground next to a fun beach.  
  • ROUTES - Castle Rock - New Brighton
    • Day 1 - Park at the Park and Ride at Summit Rd off Hwy 17.  Ride to Castle Rock SP
    • Day 2 - Ride to New Brighton State Beach
    • Day 3 - Ride back up to Summit Rd.  
    • What Kimbo and I rode.  - 90 miles - up Jamison Creek, down Empire and Pine Flat
      • From Summit Park and Ride to Castle Peak is all uphill. Toughest in the beginning
      • Jamison Creek Rd is quite a steep hill (over 10%).  Kimbo decided to walk it.  
      • Empire Grade and Pine Flat - are lovely roads.  Perfect for road biking, little traffic, fun downhill.
      • There's a bike path adjacent to Hwy 1 starting at Wilder Ranch.  
      • W Cliff Dr is a fun bike path for people watching... but it gets quite crowded.
      • Capitola is a fun spot...
      • Soquel San Jose Rd gets decent amount of traffic... watch out.  Same with Summit Rd.  
    • Option 1 - 70 miles - Down hwy 9.  Avoids Jamison Creek, but you'll stay on Hwy 9 (which has lots of traffic)
    • Option 2 - 73 mi - cuts off from Hwy 9 to the painted barrels and goes to steamers.  For those that want a bit more dirt, and check out the surfers. 
    • Option 3 - 104 mi - takes 236 and you'll miss Boulder Creek... so you'll want to bring breakfast with ya.  And goes out to Corralitos for a longer ride.
    • Option 4 - Goes down Butano Fire Trail through Butano SP, then up to Aptos Creek Fire road taking you down the flow trail at Demo.  That'd be ridiculous with a touring rig...

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