Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Pano: Fallen Angel Chute

Here is the crux of Fallen Angel Chute!  How do you like that pic?  From L to R... you got the exit of the chute, my ski that took off on it's own, the crux of the chute, nick miley coming down the choke, and a halo.  Can't wait to do that one again in more favorable conditions.  You can click here for a bigger version of the pic.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fallen Angel -> Baby Cham!

Miley (this guy with an upper tangent arc and a 22 deg halo behind his noggin') and I did a big day yesterday!  I'd say we hit up the two burliest chutes in Tahoe that I've done... on the same day!  

First, we got dropped off and skinned up Echo Peak, skied down a bit, then up Angora Peak... and down the couloir on the right.  Known as Fallen Angel Chute, it's been done many times in the past, but I don't personally know anyone that had done it.  

Mainly cuz of this mandatory air in the middle of the chute (this is looking up).  I had some ski issues right above this crux, and my left ski popped off and decided to air it out.  So I had to climb down some of the chute... I WILL be back to actually ski it.  Plus the snow was horrendous in there.  

Then we had to cross a few creeks on our way to Tallac... after making this crossing, we realized that there was a bridge 100 feet upriver...

Well, we found one for the next crossing at least...

And after summiting Tallac, we skied down Baby Cham, where it looks like the Unofficial Squaw peeps had tracked it out.  Felt like I was skiing at Squaw with the bumps in there.  This time my right ski popped off near the end of the chute.  We got some good skiing in down lower, and Kelly was not only awesome enough to give us a ride, then pick us up... she cooked up an amazing boar rib dinner!  We got some video, but since the snow was crusty, and I made like 10 tele turns the whole day, I may not post them... we'll see...  Ha!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pow! Pow Pow P-Pow!

This was the type of shenanigans I've been doing at Squaw & Alpine the last two days.  
I've been giggling like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert... MAN skiing sure is fun.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

B&B Ski Trip - Vid

Here's a long vid of our trip from 2 weekends ago.  I know no one cares that we found some marginally soft snow while everyone else was skiing frozen ice pack at the resorts cuz it's DUMPING in tahoe right now.

But... better late than never. My computer was being quite buggy during this process and it took forEVER to make this video. Now I got Windows 7 installed, and upgraded to Vegas 10, I should be set.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kayaking E. Bay

Is awesome!  Decided to go from Albany Bulb south... to wherever... spontaneously as it was forecast to be a good day... the last nice day for a while.

Cool clouds over Berkeley

The sunset was perfect... too bad my picture wasn't

As soon as I got past the Bay Bridge, things calmed down... the water was glassy, and ideal for fast paddling conditions.  I wanted to head to TI, but alas, had to get home to cook for hunny bunny!

well here's a map of the route, & my next trip in orange...  Albany Bulb to Middle Harbour Park... 9 miles?
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Panos from B&B Ski Trip...

Looking at Anderson (Beson is in the clump of trees in the middle)... all the way back to Mt. Lincoln (Sugar Bowl).  

Sunset from Anderson... looking toward Sacramento (you can see the coastal range).  This ridge separates the flow of the snowmelt.  To the west, snowmelt flows into the North Fork of the American River though Sacramento, into the Delta, and to the Ocean.  To the east, smaller creeks (Cold, Deep, & Pole Creek) all flow into the Truckee, the only outlet from Lake Tahoe on its way to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. 

A few minutes later

Sunrise... you can see Tinker Knob on the right side

Chris about to drop into some nice pow in the bowl below us.  You can see the backside of Mt. Anderson on the left.
Nick & I climbed this chute in Deep Creek... you can see him if you zoom in... if you really, really look, you can also see Chris, who bruised his calf trying his first front flip and was resting down by the trees in the middle of the open field... listening to the lovely sound of Snowmobiles.  

This might be my favorite pano from the trip.  Taken from the top of the ridge just south of Bradley Hut.  I built a small kicker here (you can see Chris airing it!), Lake Tahoe, Squaw, and Nick.  

Nick's turn...

At the bowl in Deep Creek...

Monday, February 7, 2011

B&B Ski Trip Report coming next!

Here's a little preview of the trip... (if your computer can handle it, put it on HD on full screen)

I've still got quite a bit of sorting to do... and had quite a scare as my computer crashed while transferring the data to my hard drive.  After 30 seconds of google-ing... I found PhotoRec and I believe I got all my pictures back... just not sorted or dated.  But I was very, very happy that the pics were recovered (and hopefully you'll be too when I share them)!

The Miley Bros and I spent three nights in the Tahoe backcountry this past weekend.  We found pow, corn, cliffs, rum, snomo-lers, rum, whiskey (duh...), cheese cake, a 3 gallon keg of amazing homebrew, met a bunch of new friends, and had an amazing journey.

I'm sure Miley (and I) will post on his blog soon... check it out (add it to your reader).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

my. anderson sunset...

Taken on my Droid. Not too shabby.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tahoe Pulp!

Check out Miley's new project... at

I contributed a while back... we'll probably post our upcoming trip on there.  Headed up to Tahoe tomorrow to go from Sugar Bowl to Squaw via Benson & Bradley Huts...

Back to ski season...

... well sorta.

Squaw Valley got it's first snowfall this past Sunday (Jan 30th) since Jan 1st!  Redunkulous.  Anyway, had a great time up there this past weekend.  Kim's cousin's rented a house in Squaw Valley proper and we had a good time shredding the groomers together on Sat.  Too bad the snow gods timed it wrong for them as they had to leave Sun morning, and Sat night we got 7 inches.

Surprisingly, none of the 20 or so cabin mates were up except for B-ral... who was at a skate skiing race.  So I skied mainly solo on Sunday, so I couldn't peer pressure myself into getting too gnar gnar... but I did get into some tricky situations (but no documentation, alas).  So you'll have to settle for these silent time-lapses until I get back from this weekend.  The Miley Bros and I will be going from Sugar Bowl to Squaw!  Weehaw!

Here's a bonus footage for Kimbo brushing Mingie on Sun night... too bad I didn't think of the time-lapse until she was mostly done.