Tuesday, May 14, 2013

another kayak commute...

Had another chance to use my kayak the other day and get some more time on the water in the SF bay.

check out that glassy water!
Decided to go take the northern route for the way in... the current was quite strong between TI and SF.

And the route home...

Weather Info:
Bay Crossings:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BUNI (Beach Unicycling)!

A while back Stefan told me about his first BUNI mission.  He started at high tide, and after a few soft UPDs (UnPlanned Dismounts) off his coker, he finally fell into the ocean.... needless to say, we timed his second attempt a lot better and had a beautiful ride to start off our Sunday morning. 

I was already camping at New Brighton Beach for Jiselle's 5th B-day with a whole slew of folks and kiddos.  All I had to do was wake up and ride my uni 100 yards to the beach.  Stefan... who hosted his first bee extraction of the season the day before wasn't sure he'd be able to make it (which by the way sounded awesome and I was bummed to miss).  But sure enough he texted me after the event and told me he'd meet me at the parking lot at 6 am. 

taking steady pics while riding a uni on the beach is no easy task... 
After a few soft falls on the sand, Stefan looked like a seasoned BUNI-er
One the few outflow crossings we did in our route.  Surprisingly no falls.  That would have been entertaining...
Soon we were back at New Brighton State Beach, where the parents were cooking pancakes for everyone!  With the addition of some raw honey, thanx to Stefan, we had a yummy brekky.  

Here's our route.... not much elevation as you can see.  But it felt like we were riding uphill the entire time.  We started the ride at 6 am, and finished at 8:30.  I think it'd be possible to do a Capitola to Monterey beach ride in 4-5 hours (it's around 40 miles)... and as long as the tides are below 0, you should be OK.  That'd be pretty cool.

happy b-day Jelly!

Monday, May 6, 2013

SLAY: the Vid!

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."

-- T.S. Eliot

Here's the vid from our trip.

  • Carry a light load - this is not what you want to look like... I think with our skis, boots, bags, water... our bags were under 30 lbs.  This is the way to go.  Light, fast & free.  Makes everything much more enjoyable
  • Don't eat 10 lbs of beef ribs the night before... if you are Alexis.
  • If you are with Alexis, and he demolished 10 lbs of beef ribs, don't ski behind him for the rest of the tour.
  • Pre-purchase your checked bag for your skis... and they may not charge ya for the oversize
  • Stay at the Yosemite Bug Hostel on the way home... the spa would have done us wonders.  For our muscles & for making friends on the ride home.  The Amtrak didn't smell that great... but we certainily didn't help.
  • Cache, Cache, Cache!  It's awesome... here are some cache ideas.  Also note that at TM, there is a garbage can & recycling... so no worries about packing out there.  
    • Wine is good
    • Beer is better
      • http://unofficialnetworks.com/man-drinks-60-beers-pees-avalanche-bullsht-41008/
    • Whisky is nice
    • Chocolate
    • Mac & Cheese? or Pasta with sauce
    • Thai Cuisine night
      • Curry paste, pre-cooked rice, canned coconut cream, canned straw mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tofu?.  
    • Caramel Corn was amazing.  
    • Beef Jerkey
    • Plantain Chips
    • Tea
    • Oatmeal/Grits/cheese
    • Salsa & Chips
    • Hot Choch
  • Cherish the logistics/train travel.  
  • Stay two nights at TM hut, and go ski Ragged Peak, Unicorn Peak, Johnson Peak, go check out Cathedral Peak... 
  • Think about the Yosemite Border Tour to Ostrander (in Moynier's book).
  • not staying at the TM hut for a few more days... 
  • not jumping into the Merced... apetor stylee

And a final Thanx to:

  • Brandon for hosting us in Mammoth, picking us up at the airport, and giving us a ride to the trailhead.
  • Rob & Laura - the TM winter rangers for being awesomely zen. 
  • Johnny & Paul for cache-ing the food and making this possible.
Fun Rating of 1.