Snowymonk's guide to Shasta...

"As lone as God, and white as a winter moon, Mount Shasta starts up sudden and solitary from the heart of the great black forests of Northern California."  - Joaquin Miller

Here's my Oakland-to-Oakland logistics... for summitting at noon (I give myself 5.5 hours to summit via Avy Gulch, 6 or 7 for the N. Side routes, 3 for running Clear Creek):

  • 1 am - leave Oakland
  • 5:30 am - arrive at Bunny Flat
  • 6 am - check in, start climbing
  • 11:30 am - summit
  • Noon - ski down
  • 2 pm - back at the car, drink a beer, find a buddy to drive my car down to the high school, mtn bike down
  • 4 pm - back at the car, drive home.
  • 9 pm - home, drink a beer, sleep
from Amar
My advice for first timers (to ensure a good summit success rate)
  • get acclimated (climb high, sleep low) - I'd probably camp at Bunny Flat or Hidden Valley (if you wanted to get away from folks).  Or Horse Camp, 
  • Start out early.  I'd say give yourself 12 hours, but plan on doing it in 8.  So leave around 2 am, and try to summit by 10 am.  So 9 am (top of misery hill), 8 am (bottom of misery hill), 4 am (bunny flat), etc... 
  • Get plenty of sleep the few nights before going to Shasta.... as you won't sleep well once you are there.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Be prepared for sudden temperature changes (it can go from hiking in just shorts with no wind to 50 mph gust with wind chill that'll get you hypothermic in 10 min).  So always have a down jacket and a shell, neck gaiter, helmet, gloves, goggles. 
  • Bring some meds.  Altitude and exercise give me heartburn and headaches.  I bring tums, pepto, immodium, aleve.  
  • Eat plenty on the way up... once you are cramping, it's usually too late..

"I consider the evening twilight on Mount Shasta one of the grandest sights I have ever witnessed." -- Theodore Roosevelt, 1908 

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