Personal Guide to Kawagoe City

Map to edit/check out when visiting Japan.

Next time:
  • Meet up with Umon Kun
  • Meet up with relatives
  • Do a brevet?
  • Do a trail race?
  • Go do an overnight hike (stay at a hut)
  • Go ski?
Blog posts from 2009 - Kawagoe-City

Pics from previous visits

Shrines/Parks/Pools to visit...
  • Kita-in
  • Hikawa Shrine - Furin Festival.
  • Isenuma - fun playground, lotus, bird watching, good running, quiet roads, splash pad
  • Pool next to Hatsukari Park (open in the summers)
  • Kawagoe Aquatic Park - slides, lazy river, wave pool

Recommended stops for kids:
  • Neko Katsu - haven't been yet... but I like the idea of cat cafes.  I think it's hilarious.  I also want to go to the owl cafe in Ikebukuro.  Turns out Kai is allergic to cats, so this is a no go... 
  • Monolith - bouldering gym
And these places are a short (30 min) train ride away:
Good things to buy
  • Presents at 100 yen stores...
  • Clothes from BookOff

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