Monday, June 21, 2010

Shasta - Avy Gulch - my 15th time on the summit. (June 18, 2010)

Looking back at the climbers I just passed from the top of the red banks.

Shasta - Avy Gulch - my 15th? time... pretty sure.

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Had another spectacular week:
  • Monday - Went kite boarding at Crissy Field with Andrew, then kicked the ball around with Kevin & Moses at Oakland Tech.
  • Tuesday - Went on a long barefoot run through Sausal Creek, J. Miller and Redwood Park.
  • Wednesday - Took out Willie with Moses on a spectacular night paddle from Oakland's Middle Harbor Park (with the only beach in Oakland).
  • Thursday - Played soccer with Kevin, his bro, Mizell, & Moses. Watched Pelada at the Temescal St. Cinema... then drove up to Shasta. Left Oakland right at midnight.
  • Friday - Arrived at 4:30 (there was construction near the Vallejo bridge which delayed at least 30 min.) Slept for 15 min? Left at 5:15 am. Dodged flying ice chunks from 7 - 10 am. Summitted at 11:30 am. Skied down! Yeah baby... 5000 ft of awesome corn. Should've done 2 laps. Picked up groceries, ate a double whopper, got down to Woodson Bridge State park. Met up with Kimbo, Moses & Kate. Played cups, drank a bit, grilled up some meat. I passed out around 10:30 pm.

20 min from the top!

OK, if you want to do Shasta with the odds on your side... do it:

summit pano... looking at the trinity alps, to lassen, and glimpses of the oregon cascades.

More pics here.

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