Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food from Italy!

Was awesome! mmmm.... here's some of the highlights.

The 5 kg jar of nutella...

Pizza... in all shapes and sizes.

But they were all yummy...
seafood pizza.

Potato Chip pizza.

French fries and sausage...

Kevin is in love...

I don't know what this is all about... but frozen sushi at the convenience store

This is for Stefan!  Honey!

Beer actually kinda sucked over there... at least they had Duff Beer...
all except for the Pink IPA by Almond '22 that I found on the last day.

Ah... the tripe sandwich in Florence.  

The thought of a morning cup of espresso and a pastry got me out of bed every morning quite easily.  This muffin had custard risotto.  My favorite pastry in Italy.

??? Head Cheese?

I think we had Bruschetta every night.  The tomatoes are so much better in Europe.

And pretty much anything with Anchovies was a good call.

My go-to meal in Italy, "Linguinie Al Vongole"

Wild Boar in cocoa sauce with pine nuts & almonds.  Best meat dish of the trip


  1. thanks so much for the picture of the 5kg of nutella. now that i know it exists, i can live happily. -Ksenya

  2. Yeah... pretty tempted to bring one home, but the bottles of wine & balsalmic took up the extra space... next time.