Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hawk Camp in the Headlands....

We took Kai on another camping adventure this past weekend with James, Courtney, Kalani, and Jill.  This was another short hiking trip on a fire road, so I could utilize my bike trailer again... like we did at Pt. Reyes back in Oct.

We started out at the Rodeo Ave trailhead... this exit only services this trailhead, as this was a planned start of the failed "Marincello" development project.  I'm glad those preservation efforts succeeded as we got to venture through beautifully preserved open space, instead of riding through suburbs.

Kimbo carrying Kai and a down jacket in her backpack...

Kai fell asleep during the short hike in, but as soon as we put him down, he was ready to party.  

After setting up the tents, we ventured up to take in some views.  Here's Courtney overlooking Tennessee Cove.  

And the city... in HDR.

Kalani working out his biceps.  

After dinner, it was game time, and we mainly played Liar's Dice...

After waiting for the full moon to rise, we went to bed...

The next morning after breakfast I went on a short ride around the headlands... saw this guy in the distance.  We also heard coyotes howling at the moon at night, and Toro, who happened to be near by saw a bobcat!

And hiking out... the way out was a lot easier (especially if you had a bike)... no help required this time.

 A turkey vulture and a 22 deg halo.  Here's some birding IDs. 

California Poppy - the State Flower of California... 

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