Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Ski Season in numbers...

Since I get this asked quite a bit... and spent the last hour or so making this I figured I'd share.  I got in 26 days... 11 at the resort and 15 in the BC.  Did a lot more day trips so that I could spent time with Kai & Kimbo.

For the 11 days at the resort I spent about $210 using a variety of tricks... still cheaper than a season pass:
  • 3 days at Alpine (10$ movie voucher, 50, 10$ voucher)
  • 3 days at Bear Valley (snowbomb, 40, 40)
  • 3 days at Kirkwood (39$ groupon, 10$ voucher, 10$ voucher)
  • 2 days at Sugar Bowl (free & free)
Sadly didn't get any days at Squaw... got in over 20 last year at Squaw alone.  But Alpine was really fun.    


  1. Very cool. Before I had a blog I did a spreadsheet like this. It's what actually got me into the blog. But now I don't write down every trip like I use to. Need to get back on spreadsheet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How much was your snowbomb card?