Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sly Guard Cabin (June 28-30, 2013)

Had a great time up at Jenkinson Lake/Sly Guard Cabin a few weekends ago with Sigman, Stefan, Muriel, Kevin, Laura, Riro, Sully, SeaBass, Melanie, Kimbo, Mingus, Brioche, Hiccup and Kai!  Barrett also came by on Fri night for a few beers.  The weekend consisted of: slacklining, BBQ-ing, eating, drinking, canoeing, swimming, tubing, mtn biking, unicycling, laughing, and taking some pictures....

Check out the cabin!  Sweet egh?  Sleeps 4 inside, with full electricity, running water, pots, pans, plates, games, DVD player... yadda yadda... And they also let you sleep 8 more folks on the property adjacent to the cabin for up to 12 folks!  
The kiddos loved the pool.  Thanx to uncle Kevin for bringing that up.
Kai & Riro eating turkey rolls!
The weather was beautiful the whole weekend and we could eat outside for every meal!  A great set up outside, where the three doggies would clean up after the kiddos, everyone would cook, clean, etc... while I slacklined.  Me likey.  
Kabobs, brats, sauerkraut.... mmmm
Hi Sully!
This was probably the best note left in the journal for the cabin.
Naked kiddos!
And not to mention, we could ride from the cabin 3 miles to Jenkinson Lake!  All on singletrack.  There's an amazing amount of trails around here that aren't on the interwebs...
Jenkinson Lake has a pretty steep entrance fee (10$), but it's probably one of the nicest lakes I've been to for kiddos, picnicking, etc...  there are numerous areas to chill out, but we'd usually head over here by these evergreens where it was always cool, no matter how hot it was in the sun. 
We got plenty of water time this weekend.  It was HOT.  95? or so?  Anyway, the canoe, the innertube all came in handy.  

There's a 9 mile loop around Jenkinson Lake, mostly singletrack... actually a fun ride.  Would be a good one on the uni next time.  On the N. end of the lake there is a waterfall that's a perfect stop for a dip.  

but first you gotta ask permission from the waterfall keeper... 

Sigman and I went on another ride the next morning.  On Fleming Meadows... lots of options here and some really fun riding... and you can connect it to the Jenkinson Lake loop for longer ride.  

After our second day at the lake, we went to the Knott Hole Grill, which has some great food and an awesome outside area in the back with horseshoes, misters, etc... Highly recommended stop.

Sly Guard info

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