Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diablo Exploration...

I got some new tires for my road bike.  Vittoria Randonneur Cross tires... I think they were on closeout as they don't make them anymore?  Anyway... I decided to go out an venture up Mt. Diablo on some dirt so that I could test them out.  I also wanted to check out the damage from the recent fires.

I definitely learned that there are a LOT of trails on Diablo.  Nothing amazing that I witnessed, but it's another place to go explore for sure.  And there are a lot of steep hills.

Starting off with some panos.
From the summit of N. Peak... Mitchel canyon is tough...
Looking back at Mt. Diablo from Mt. Olympia
Somewhere in Morgan Territory
Beautiful cumulous clouds.  
Giant pinecone somewhere on Mitchell Canyon.  Man this road is tough... very steep.  Had to walk quite a bit of it... and I still got the king of the mountain.  
Scorched area.
Fire damage
S. Peak looks ok.
Freshly burnt trees..
Yikes... didn't make it up this...
Back on flat ground
And looking back at Mt. Diablo from Morgan Territory...
I lost my other bottle on the first descent off of Diablo... and was seriously parched by this point... I was tempted...
Oyster Pt.  A fun section of single track
Here's the route... although with all of my missed turns, etc... it was more like 65.  

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