Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kayaking to the Ashby Shoal...

A few weeks back I got to join John Boeschen and his crew, who usually head out on Thurs evenings for a paddle somewhere in the bay.  Usually marin.  He's been going out on most Thurs for more than 10+ years and he must know the bay better than anyone.

Anyway, Mi-Suk and I joined him out for a quick paddle to the Ashby Shoal.  Here's his report.
And comic entry.

Ashby Shoal?  It's a little island that appears between Emeryville and Berkeley Marinas when the tide is quite low.  One of the sailors there told us that he had heard the shoal was created back in the day when they were getting fill from Treasure Island.  They were piping in fill from Treasure Island to where the freeway lies in Berkeley (where it's always congested)... and they noticed that the mass balance wasn't working out.  They discovered a hole in the pipe... which birthed Ashby Shoal.  Not sure if I believe it, but I couldn't find a better story.  I mean why would they get fill from an island?  Wouldn't it be easier to just use fill from land?  Anyway... here's an article I found on the Ashby Shoal..

And more of John's Cartoon Reports here:

Including the 15 island gonzo paddle:

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