Thursday, June 4, 2015

Taking Kai Climbing!

We had a great time a few weekends back taking Kai climbing around the bay area.  We got Kai a harness on sale at REI, and decided to take him out to a few places as he's been enjoying scrambling up everything these days.  On Sat, we took Kai to Ring Mountain with Olea.  Mendelson's surprise b-day party was near by at Paradise Park, so it made for a nice morning outing.

These kids are so addicted to milk...
Ring Mtn is worth visiting to take a hike just for these views!  It does get windy up here... these roads are open to bikes and dogs.  
Kai's first time on rope!
Nikko strutting around in his diaper at Mendelson's party.
And since Kai was such a good boy, he got to eat his cupcake that he was saving from the party after dinner!

The next day we were off to Diablo so Kai could go climbing with Brynn!  We had been out to rock city last X-mas with the Schmidts, and I saw the potential for scrambling around there with the kiddos.  I hadn't figured out the system yet, so first I had Kai bouldering... then got him on the rope.  I would scramble up to the top, then just body belay him up.  Since he weighs so little, I didn't need to use my belay device until he was on his way down.  We taught the kids to lean back while getting lowered, but most of the time, we'd hook a carabiner to the back of the harness so they'd just dangle down or would be able to sit on their bums.  

Kai warming up on some boulder problems...
mainly so he could slide down...
Nikko bouldering... ha
Soon I got Kai up some fun looking problems.  

And Brynn showed up just in time for lunch!
and the two daddies scrambled around with the kiddos all over.  Super fun
belay practice

lots of cool caves!
More climbing!

the 4 toothed monster was jealous... I could tell.  Soon buddy, soon...
Getting Brynn down!

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