Monday, October 5, 2015

Murphy Mack's Mendo Mtnbike Madness (M5)

Kai showing off his freshly made T-shirt.  
Had an amazing time at Murphy Mack's Mendocino Mtn Madness (M5) a few weeks back.  The M5 is a three day family friendly mountain biking event in Mendocino.  The riding is tight, narrow, single track for days, with guides that were quite knowledgable and competent.  The food is spectacular.  The beer flows freely.  The kids activities were awesome.  What more could you ask for?  

Other folks have written about it, with better pics and writing, so I'll just link it here if you want more.  

Here's a short vid showing off what the riding looks like.  In general, it's a lot of ups and downs through tight trees.  Big handlebars are tough here.  

the cabins are quite rustic.  No electricity, but hey... all you do is sleep there.  

There's plenty of riding for all levels and abilities.  There are all day rides or you can do a morning ride, an afternoon ride, and even a night ride option.  Lots of regroups.  

More crafting.  Hot glue gun stylee

GA-ZUMP!  Kai the Lorax speaks for the trees!
Nikko warning us that he can pull off a tantrum, anywhere, anyhow.  

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