Tuesday, May 8, 2018

MiWok 100k

This post is more for my reflection.  Thoughts for me, for next year... or when I run longer distances.  This was the first time I ran over 50k... and I felt things my body hadn't experienced before.  Mainly pain. 

The worst part was my knee.  I think I've got runner's knee?  Not sure, but my left knee has been cracking a lot for the last year.  Every time I run up the beast, it'll be "pop" "pop" "pop"... every step, fairly reliable.  Around mile 40, I got acute pain in my left knee.  The downhills were a beast... here's an article to ponder

Another discomfort was chafing.  I'm used to chafing from my randonneuring rides, but I hadn't experienced much while running.  I bandaged my chest so I was ok up top, but I didn't put any nut butter or vaseline until I got to Randall.  And when I got to Randall I told Rob I was cramping, so the lady at the Aid station got me a salted potato.... then I put my salty hands in the vaseline, and put it on my chafed area... that stung... and made my chafing worse... hiking up Randall was painful in sooo many ways. 

I went out too hard in this one.  And needed to eat and drink more in the first 30k especially.  I had barely drank my tailwind and Gu.  100k is a long way, and these mistakes took a toll on me.  13 people passed me in the last 2 aid stations. 


  • Amazing sunrise
  • seeing the headlamps dance behind me
  • perfect temps all day.
  • crossing the finish line with my boys
  • getting served pasta from Magda
  • the finish line beer.
  • Nice sunset
  • watching the last of the last racers rolling in 
  • Knee pain
  • Descending
  • the last section from Randall... need to do better there.  
  • having a Raffi song stuck in my head the last 30 mi ("everything hurts, hurts, hurts")
Next time:
  • pack a new shirt at every aid station
  • take some aleve
  • try taping for runner's knee
  • start SLOWer
  • take a camera/phone (figure this'll help with going slow in the beginning)

Final Results here
Tracking here

Muir1 - 25th place
TV1 - 29th
BV - 28th
TV2 - 26th
Muir 2 - 22th
Card - 29th
BR1 - 27th
RT - 29th
BR2 - 36th
Finish - 42nd
3 seconds before taking this pic, I was "pee-walking" apparently a common practice from what I saw on the trails.  I wonder what the ladies do?  I was laughing to myself here.  I let Sam go around this point, and at the bottom I took a wrong turn which cost me maybe 10 min.  


Here's Sam's Strava link
And a blog post from Jean, who got 9th... and is insane.  Doing back to back 100km (with Quicksilver 100k, and having won the Ruth Anderson 50 miler the weekend before). 

What the 5 am start looks like:


Splits here
Results here

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