Sunday, July 8, 2018

Pinnacles! Third time for the boys.

My first impression of Pinnacles NP was not a great one.  I went down for a day trip to do some climbing.  That's when I realized not all National Parks are created equal and neither are the rock quality... 

Kai practicing his "big" unicycle (16 in wheels).  Still hasn't got a consistent free mount... 
Went on a morning run with Sam... turns out the "trail" is a fence line...
we were "running" late
but it was worth it
And our wives are cool.  They weren't (too) mad.  
Then we took the boys to the caves... 

Sara's ma
and ended up going on a long hike:
fun trails... 
the kids loved it.  The mamas and papas were on their toes
lunch at the reservoir
taking the high road
the kids in the lead
really helps if the kids can keep each other's morale high on these long hikes.  
Staring at the the Cali Condors
The view wasn't bad either...
and the scrambling was A+
Deia with a purple can.

Cali Condor

not sure why, but Nikko punch!

back at the car.  And the kids got pre-frozen snowcones for a treat (I've never seen those before)...
Sam the grillmaster wasting no time.. 

Nikko displaying proper dinner etiquette

The next day the kids got their Jr. Ranger badges.

and we took them climbing!

We stopped by Stefan's on the way home... 

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