Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tuolumne to Eppie's (July 17, 2010)

Aaron had a genius idea of getting a front country campsite in Tuolumne Meadows... reserved back in March.

It's impossible to have a bad time up there... FYI...

Shenanigans up in Tuolumne from Yu Kuwabara on Vimeo.
I drove up there Wed night after my soccer game... and the third half at a close by bar. Got up to Tuolumne around 3:45 am. Got up and climbed all day... did the same on Friday (Nick and Dean joined us). Had a BLAST!!!
Friday night, left Tuolumne after sunset and dinner. Got to Sac-town around 1:45 am... jacked up on the 44 oz Dr. Pepper used to keep me up... I couldn't get to sleep til around 3:30... up at 5 am to go drop off the kayaks and the bikes. Came in 25th out of the 750+ Iron Persons... not too shabby... considering my quads and calves were cramping throughout the race.
Don't know about Eppie's? The Oldest Triathalon in the US?
Started out with another great week...
Tues - Played Soccer (soccer4s), then paddled around from Middle Harbour with B-Ral
Wed - Played Soccer (NorCal), 3rd half at the Trappist, then drove to Tuolumne

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