Monday, May 2, 2011

Panos from the Sawtooths

Some pics from touring the Sawtooths the other weekend with Miley, Funk & Splitboard.  Here's a shot of  Kettle Peak from the Incredible Hulk.  You can see the chute Nick and I skied coming down the middle of Kettle.  To the right is Hunewill, I believe... from day 1

Here's Nick coming up Kettle peak with the Hulk in the background.  We booted up a chute that you can't really see in the pic above.  We skied down that on our first lap, then did the other one for our second lap.... from day 2

The weather was quite, "unsettled" the entire trip.  Here's nick and the Hulk on day 3 of our tour heading up to the end of Little Slide Canyon.  Pretty cool light for photos... not so much for skiing.  

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