Monday, October 8, 2012

Grinnell Glacier

Here's some pics from our hike up to Grinnell Glacier. One of Glacier's more popular hikes starting from Many Glacier.... and for good reason, as you'll see in the pics.  For this hike, you have the option to hop on a boat across Swiftcurrent and Josephine lakes to cut out 3 miles of hiking, making it a reasonable 7 mile round trip hike up to the glacier.  The hiking is beautiful, the wildlife a plenty, and the glacier is other worldly.

Comparison of the 1938 pic to the 2009...

Swiftcurrent Lake from the boat... we are going to hike to the glacier just out of view in the middle of the pic
See why they call it swiftcurrent?
This guy didn't want us to get off the boat... kept on running around making "moosy" noises... 
Grinnell glacier!  She's a beauty egh?  
And the family shot!
Kai had a fun time playing with the rocks
Looking back towards Josephine & Swiftcurrent Lakes on our way back.  
trying out some thimbleberries
some bighorn sheep that were blocking our trail on the way back.  
Back on the boat with a happy pumpkin.  

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