Monday, October 29, 2012

Pedallin' (my mtn bike, tandem, & coker)

Was sore from last weekend's cycling adventures.  Night Mtn Biking on Fri, Tandem Ride on Sat, and MUNI ride on Sun.  Phew!

Did a fun night ride on Mt. Tam last Friday with Sigman, Booth, and Man Chicken... don't have any pics from that ride... but it was really fun.  Booth is really fast.  20 miles with about 4000 ft vert.

Saturday, met up with Ko for a ride in wine country.  We had to pick up some bottles from Vincent Arroyo anyway... so we started in St. Helena and rode 10 miles to Calistoga and did another 10 back.


Sunday... Stefan came by the house at 6 am for an early departure to S. Lake with Funk.  While Funk dropped off Kokanee (his sister's dog) Stefan and I hopped on Bear's Reach, and another route on Hogsback.  Then Funk and I simul-climbed another route on Hogsback and then it was time to MUNI in tahoe.  So we drove up to echo summit and hopped on the Pony Express Trail.  An easy mtn bike ride... but quite a challenging MUNI ride.  And it started snowing on us. That was awesome.  The crazy guy that lives at the bottom of Sierra Ski Resort telling us to get off his property... that guy is NOT so awesome. 


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