Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wallowa Hut - Night Shots

I've been playing around a bit on my Sony NEX-5... especially on night photography.  And since there isn't a real easy tutorial... here are my suggestions:

  • Use a camera with a high sensor
  • put it on Manual mode
  • start with these settings:
    • 1600 ISO (then play around here)
    • 15 seconds (then here)
    • turn off the noise reduction (unless you have a nice Nikon)
    • set it on the highest aperture possible for the lens (the lowest)...
    • use RAW - so that you can go back and change the exposure compensation, contrast, and white balance later on your computer. 
  • use a remote release, or just set a 2 second timer on your camera.  
  • Carry around a strong flashlight to "paint your subjects"
  • Fireworks 
  • Another tip... for night photography timelapse on your NEX-5... is to just set it on continuous shot... then use a rubber band to hold down the shutter... all night.  You can get a decent timelapse using this easy trick.  

At the visitor center parking lot after our moonlight descent of Brokeoff Mtn in Lassen NP.  
Happy hour outside the Schneider Cabin
Contrail at dusk.
Smoke break...
First mortar round...

After some engineering and before drinking whiskey hard...the next night!