Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Pano: from Lassen to the Werners to the the Wallowas...

On Brokeoff Peak in Lassen NP... getting ready to skin off and ski in moonlight.
In the Werner Mountains near Cederville.  Fun terrain with easy access in the north at the Cedar Pass Ski Area.
Dosier, Toro, Nick, and Funk getting ready to slay some fun snow.
At the summit of Payne Peak
Skinning up in the Wallowas
Fun snow down low
Skinning up the "Ridge of Insanity"
At the Schneider Cabin with Kip (our guide).
Messy testing out his skins...
Sunset near the hut...
Chris ready to wake up with a pre-brekky morning session...
Ton's of terrain...
Sunset on day 2.
Getting used to ski by moonlight by now...
Chris on another pre-brekky session, nursing a hangover. 
Some more from Nick here:!i=2334396890&k=76hzfBJ&lb=1&s=A

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