Saturday, April 19, 2014

Skiing Trifecta: BC, Resort, Skate....

Well, I didn't have high hopes, but considering I've only gone on 1 dawn patrol this year, I decided I'd get out no matter what.  So at 5 am I got up, drove 5 min, skinned for 15 min, skied for 5 min, and waited for Mingus for 20 min.  The snow was quite crusty, and it was really cold out, but I got some great views of the sunrise and was glad I went.  Still haven't had a "bad" dawn patrol experience.

And lo and behold, the dawn patrol turned out to be the start of a skiing trifecta day.  Backcountry skiing in the morning.  Resort ski in the afternoon, and skate skiing during naptime.  I only got in 2 real runs in at Alpine, but spent a good 2 hours with Kai on the lifts at Alpine.  He is starting to cruise on his own at the resort... although his lack of fear is a concern.  After we made it home, I put Kai down and went skate skiing for my 7th day of the season, and 10th time in my life.  I think I'm getting the hang of it now.

Here are some more pics.  I've posted them on instagram too, if you wanna follow me @ snowymonk.  I mostly post for the sake of having the geotags on Strava link up.
Check out White Wolf after this storm...
vs 2 weeks ago.  

Skate Skiing.  This halo was very prominent all day long.  
High Plains Drifter! 

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