Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ride Report: La Ruta Loca Randonee (LRLR) 200km Brevet

photo: Geoff
La Ruta Loca Randonnee.  A mixed terrain brevet put on by the SF Randonneurs, and the brain child of Carlos Duque is a 200km brevet that has a significant amount of dirt (mostly fire roads) and elevation (around 12,500 ft).  She's a seductive beast.  

I forgot my camera on this ride, but this was the most beautiful brevet I've been on.  I've linked to other ride reports from the 2014 LRLR, so you can click those for more pics.  But I'll just leave you with two pics of my Bianchi post-LRLR.  I need to get a touring road bike so I can put on fatter wheels, so I can enjoy the descents, and with room for a fender so I can do the brevets in the wetter months.  The weather was perfect all day, and the ever interesting terrain made this ride quite memorable.  I wore my Japan jersey in honor of Japan playing in the World Cup vs Ivory Coast.  And I wore a camelback, as I thought my bottles would fall out of the cage on the rough terrain.  This was our first brevet where at the finish control we both said, "I'd do that again!"  Next year, I'd like to have a fatter bike, I'd take two tubes, plus a patch kit, a camera, some aleve, a pen, a route sheet, and apply sunscreen before mile 90.  I also think it'd be fun to stay as a family at the West Point Inn the night before, get up a bit early, meet the others at the start, then see the family at mile 100... but that'd be pretty tough.  

Here's my stava track.  I thought I had forgotten my USB battery pack until I got my flat, so this is the last 80+ miles.... good think I got a flat.  And a link to Sigman's track
Go here and click on anyone's first name that has a link for more trip reports!

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