Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weekly Pano: Japan

I'm slowly going through all the pics from Japan... so you'll start seeing Japan posts sprinkled between my normal posts coming up.  We had a great time in Japan and it's nice to look back at all that we did there after totally leaving it alone for a while.  I took a few panos using my SLR, my canon, and my phone.  Enjoy!

At Haneda Airport... where airplane enthusiasts hang out listening to the radio from the control towers taking picture of commercial airplanes taking off and landing.  Also a good place for Kai to run around after a long flight.  
The Great Torii on Itsukushima, known as Miyajima the Shrine Island.  One of the top three scenic spots in Japan.  The Japanese love lists... there are top 3, top 50, top 100 everything... But Miyajima is a wonderful place to spend the day.
At the top of Ushita-San, one of the many hilltops that surround Hiroshima.  This one you can get to via trail from Becca's house.  
At the Hiroshima Sanfrecce soccer game
The scene at a rooftop soccer field in Tokyo
Kawagoe Aquatic Park
At the local department store rooftop amusement park.  Kai loved this place.  
Above Ikaho somewhere... or it might be Nikko...
Lake Haruna, above Ikaho Onsen.

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