Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lake Louise (July 2014)

The famous Lake Louise... a picture of this lake is one of the reasons I've had the Canadian Rockies on my tick list for a long time.  I knew that the lake being so famous, it would probably be crowded, and I probably wouldn't love it because of it, but I knew that with such magnificent mountains and pristine alpine lakes like these, the Canadian Rockies must be worth a visit.

Turns out Lake Louise is awesome.  Yes, it's crowded, and the tour buses take away from the overall experience, but I'm probably numb to this effect from having gone to Yosemite so many times.  There are tons of amazing trails here, so just plan for a crowd, lower your expectations, and enjoy your day.

The family shot!... I need to clean my lens... 
Renting canoes is quite popular here... and it's a pretty awesome lake to paddle around.
Check out the backdrop!.. and all those fracture lines.
at the other end of the lake where the glacier melt (brown) meets the pristine Lake Louise turquiose water...  We all walked to the end of the lake, then the Schmidts were kind enough to take Kai back to the hotel while Nikko, Kimbo and I walked on...
yeah, this part of the trail isn't quite stroller friendly...
Kim stoked she made it past the plank walk alive!
Looking back at Lake Louise with the Fairmount Chateau at the other end.... you can see the Lake Louise ski resort as well.  
At the tea house! A great destination for folks visiting Lake Louise for sure.  We went to the Plain of Six Glaicers Tea House, but there's another one at Lake Agnes.  Heck, visit both!
It's quite a menu for a place that has no electricity, plumbing, etc... and has most of it's ingredients burro-ed in at the beginning of the season.
This Clark's Nutcracker knew where to hang out...
known for their chocolate cake... it's actually really good.  Like this wasn't a tough hike, and it still tasted really, really good.
Happy Kimbo!
Mt. Aberdeen has quite the formidable cornice...
BIG... but shrinking every year... 
Oh Canada!
the boyz + Chateau
Nikko was in quite a good mood the whole day!
Did you see the smile or the chute in the back first?
For a less crowded alternative, go visit Lake Moraine.  Perhaps not as spectacular, but it's still worth a dip.  
Nikko gave this lake a smile too.  

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