Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekly Pano: Peyto Lake

Off the Icefields Parkway... which really is an amazing drive.  You read about it and think, it can't be that amazing... but it is. But along the road and on these short detours you have to share these amazing views with 100s of other tourists.  I'm convinced that to really experience the Canadian Rockies, you have to venture a bit further into the backcountry, sweat a little, suffer a bit, and earn these views.  With this drive you just take it all for granted.

Another thing I added to my to-do list is to bike the icefields parkway. We saw a bunch of folks doing some fully loaded touring along the parkway, but I'd like to do it as a brevet.  The Alberta Randonneurs hosts several rides that I'd like to do.... the Banff-Jasper-Banff 600k, Rocky Mountain House 600, STORM 1000, or the TORA 1000 all look like fun rides to me.

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