Monday, September 22, 2014

Davis Night Brevet Re-dux (Sept 7, 2014)

This was my second time doing the SFR Davis Overnight Brevet.  The first time was back in 2011...a few weeks before Kai was born, and it was Jeff & I's first brevet.  This second brevet was the first time I did a brevet without Sigman... who was off in Ashland doing a hill climb.  I wish I could've joined him... but at least he took 1st in his division.

There were some other firsts on this ride as well... for one, this was my first brevet on my CX bike.  I was going to take my Bianchi road bike, but I put a new drivetrain on there w/o replacing the chain rings... which didn't work out.  So I was left with my CX bike, which was fine as I hadn't spent too much time on it this year (my single speed mtn bike took over until the TS100).  I has also just received the Selle Anatomica Titanico leather seat (which worked wonderfully BTW).  And I didn't want to ride with my 35mm knobby cross tires, so I threw on my brand new LIT bike tire, which also worked out great.  Finally, I wanted to get some sleep Sat morning, so I decided to ride fast.  I'm not very fast on the flats, especially when it's windy like it was on the way back... but I can draft forever.  I tried to do my share of pulling, but didn't last very long, so I'd usually be drafting on the flats behind two guys from Santa Rosa... then when it got hilly Grant and I would go ahead then wait for them at the top.  Considering I was on my heavier bike, I felt pretty good and finished in the first group with 3 other folks.  In fact when we got to the final control, we had to wait until the volunteer showed up so we could give them our brevet cards.  

Looking back at the old post, it's amazing how much better I'm able to function these days with no sleep.  Also, my new leather seat must've worked well, as my bum was never sore.  
having my headlamp on my helmet was quite useful for looking at the cue sheets in the dark.  
at the first control.... one of four 7-11 stops on our ride.
my dinner!  mmmmm... sushi = happiness
another control...

If you want to see what it's like to ride this brevet, click on the video above and put that on repeat for the next 9 hours... add a 7-11 stop once every 2 hours, and you've got the jist of this brevet... you know it's really nice riding these roads at night as there are so few cars.

  • miles ridden: 140
  • elevation: 4500 ft (see it's flat...)
  • owl sightings: 2
  • deer sightings: countless
  • baby fox sighting: 1
  • number of dead possums ridden over on the paceline: 2
  • rolls of sushi consumed: 2 (and it was actually pretty good... thumbs up to the sushi chef at Safeway Davis)
  • cans of coconut water consumed: 5
  • cases of Coors light purchased by the person in front of me in line: 4
  • folks being arrested for DUIIs: 2
  • event fee: 11$
  • money spent during the ride: 30$
Since my strava app crapped out at mile 130, here's a link to Grant's for the full ride stats.

Gear (so I remember for next time):
  • Bike - Kona Jake - I was planning to take my road bike, but my middle chain ring is totally worn... am working on fixing it now... didn't need fenders, but since I just managed to put it on (which is a pain on bikes with disc brakes), I left it on for the ride. Take the road bike next time...
  • Handlebar bag with:
    • spare battery for light
    • cue sheet (take 2 next time)
    • zip lock bag
    • pen
    • cash/card in wallet
  • Bento box with:
    • bonk busters: 2 Gus and some blocks
  • Seat bag with repair tools:
    • spare tube
    • patch kit
    • pump/CO2
    • levers
    • spoke wrench
    • chain tool
    • multi - tool
  • Clothes:
    • helmet (with front and rear light)
    • bandana
    • glasses? (didn't really need em, but might be nice on the downhills)
    • buff (if it's looking cold)
    • SFR wool jersey
    • reflective vest
    • arms
    • gloves (3/4 is all you need, unless it's looking cold... I was hot in my full)
    • shorts
    • legs (didn't use mine)
    • reflectors for legs
    • shoes
    • shoe cover (could've used my thin shoe covers as my feet were cold the entire ride)
  • Light
    • sure would be nice to have a dynamo light... my first battery lasted until 2 am or so. 
    • make sure to have a rear light on the bike, it's a rule!
  • bike bottle x2

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