Monday, September 29, 2014

Sly Guard! (Sept 12, 2014)

Another fun weekend at Sly Guard Cabin.  You can't go wrong there... the place simply rocks.  This was a mellower crew with Barrett, Kate, Lincoln, Amy, Chris, Ellie, and Reid joining us at various times.  We spent most of the day on Sat at Jenkinson Lake... and I didn't take too many pics.  Barrett came by on Fri night on his road bike... stayed until 2 am or so and rode home after sharing a few brewskis by the firepit.  

  • the splash pads on the way to and from the cabin
  • SUP on Jenkinson Lake
  • Innertubing with the kiddos on Jenkinson Lake
  • Slacklining
  • Taking Kai on a Strider ride on the paved trails next to the cabin
Next time

Check out Nikko's face... this is what he's been doing sometimes.  He looks like an old man with dentures.  He's got no teeth yet...
At Nisenan Community Park... there was no one there!
kinda wished there a few more kids playing, but Kai kept busy

The local trails around Sly Guard... Kai in his riding attire
Someone is happy!
The place comes with firewood... amazing.
Kimbo relaxing...
night shot
but the place did come with a mouse...
the next morning, this guy got up early, so we went for a quick jog.  
at Jenkinson Lake.... perfect weather!
Kai loved it!  He could be here all day... 
lunch time!

the trails near Sly Guard make a nice trail for striders.  Not long enough for much else... 
smiling while eating...
At White Rock Park in Rancho Cordova on the way home..
every minute or so, the big bucket fills up for a BIG splash!
Nikko was in heaven...
mama with Nikko and Reid.

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