Monday, December 15, 2014

Kayak Commute: Sunset from TI beach

Not bad for my Galaxy S4.  The sunset was amazing.... no filter, no photoshop, nothing.  
I figured it's gonna rain next week and I won't get to play soccer for a while... so I played...
I figured I could fight the tides on the way home (see the tide chart below)... so I fought...
I figured this would probably be the last paddle commute of the year... so I paddled.  

I felt as solid as a sumo wrestler, and as nimble as Neymar on the way to work.  Cutting through the glassy bay (probably the most calm paddle I've ever had), I arrived in SF in record time.  On the way back, I was planning to leave a bit early, as I knew the tides were only going to get stronger and stronger.  But my meeting ran late, and I got in the water knowing I'd get worked.  Three ferries buzzed me, as if they were letting me know that the current was against me, foreshadowing my later encounter with the 1740 ton, 273 meter Polar Resolution blowing it's horn a 100 yards away from me.  Definitely the loudest horn from the biggest vehicle that has ever honked at me.  That got my heart pumping.  It didn't help that this encounter occurred where the current was the strongest, and my legs were starting to cramp in the choppy water.

Despite all this, this was the best commutes of the year.  Dozens of pelicans dive bombing all around me; saying hello to cargo boat captains; seals coming up to say hello; and did you see the sunset? I had to stop and take a pic of that!

a minute before the polar resolution blew it's horn... like I didn't notice... check it. 
saying hi to the captain.  Had a short conversation with him... he was basically wondering WTF I was doing.  I was wondering where he was coming from... then it got pretty choppy and I almost fell in.  That ended that
enjoying the glass behind the boat.
Check out all the seagulls following the Polar Resolution.
heading to the beach to stretch my cramping legs

it was a good stretching sesh...
OK, time to get back in...

see those seals popping up behind me?  Most of the pod were in front of me, with dozen of them swimming/barking alongside.
ok, time to get back to beat the dark
Probably was fighting a 2+ knot current under the bridge.  

and on the way home...

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