Thursday, July 23, 2015

Father's Campin' at Kirby Cove...

now you know where those lips have been...

That's right... our ladies figured Father's Day would be a great time to leave us dads behind with the kiddos and go up to Jenner for a Lady's weekend for Elena's baby shower por numero tres.  Somehow, Kevin managed to secure a site at Kirby Cove for the weekend so we decided it'd be a good time to see which of our kids gets injured the least... the Smiths, the Hoefts, the Dufours and the Kuwabaras all spent the night... and Dylan joined in at night as well.  On Sunday, the Metres fam showed up to enjoy a day at the beach!

carpool!  4 kiddo seats in action!
Alexis the gatekeeper for this holy campsite. 
The kids were racing around in no time... didn't take too many pics.  Basically set up camp, ate dinner, got the kids ready, and had a beer.  
Kai in his basejumping rig.  
team huddle before the day
We drove up to go explore the batteries...
We played soccer in the tunnels... which was awesome. 

Next we piled in the car as it was quite freezing up at the Battery at the top of Hawk Hill, and cruised down to Rodeo Beach.  We thought it'd be cold and windy here too... it was a bit cold, but Kai didn't mind. 
what a stinker...
... not sure what these two were doing... 
found a nice picnic table by the cars for lunch time!
back at Kirby for naptime.  Nikko happily playing in the sand box
time for a beer...

after naptime, Dylan biked over for the day.  He quickly cruised out on Alexis' SUP.

young bum and the the sea...
Dinner time!
Dylan took off on his bike soon after this.
The next morning, I tried to sneak off for my morning poo... but woke Nikko up.  Nikko did NOT like the outhouse...
We debated what to do, as the fog was pretty thick, some of the kids were whining... and Kevin & Hoeft were ready to leave.  Then we heard from Metres that he was on his way.  So Alexis and I decided to stay, while they left.  As soon as they left, the fog disappeared and we had another amazing day on the beach.
This guy was killing it surf fishing.  he was catching a fish a minute.  The kids loved it.  
Kai did not want to touch the fish.... let alone kiss it.  
The swing was a nice touch.  
Kai swinging high!
Logs, swings, beach... endless kid fun.  
Nikko decided he's ready.  
Beautiful day...

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