Monday, July 27, 2015

Summit Rides: a X-ride up Tam.

Did a beautiful solo ride up Mt. Tam a while back.  I decided earlier this year that I need to ride up Tam, Hamilton, or Diablo every month.  So this was my summit ride for May.  And it was a good one.  Left my house at 5 am, hopped on BART, caught the sunrise while riding the Embarcadero, and rode through some foggy, serene hills to the top... only passing a handful of hikers the whole route.  

obligatory GG Bridge shot
grey fox = big cat food...

fireroads forever.  Perfect X-riding territory.
Muir Beach
Some fun singletrack sections...
Chased a wild turkey through a herd of deer.
One of the reasons why Mt. Tam is so special.  
Looking back at Karl & the bay...

Only if this trail was waiting for me at the top... 

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