Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Spring Lake Family Camping 2015!

Here's some pics from our awesome weekend up at Spring Lake.  Our second year of visiting this amazingly kid friendly park.  Here's the pics from last year... when the world cup was in full swing.  

This year we had Roger, Geo & Alice; Kev, Laura, Riley, Sully & Shaye; Morton, Marian & Zoe all stay overnight.  Hoeft brought his boys, Danielle her girls, and Odin and his family came up for the day for Kai's B-day celebration.

This park is so easy and fun, it's a no brainer as an annual visit.

on our way up we stopped by Ippo Ramen for a yummy snack.
And when we got there we had enough daylight and warm sunshine to have a quick soak.
Geo captivating the audience...
Nikko the race car driver...
The next morning Kai rode his bike down to the lake in his PJs, while I jogged behind him.  
And set up for his B-day!
Time for cupcakes!
The SUP provided quite a dock for jumping off of.  This one has removable fins, so it's good to bring here.  

Nikko proving that he would've been a cute girl too.  

maybe not as cute as these two
Kevin goes down easy for naptime.
more stories... Kids love Geo!
We went to the campfire talk where Kai & Riley participated in charades!
Kevin basking solo in his disco dance party

BTW.... This guy just became my hero:

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