Monday, August 17, 2015

Monthly Pano: Steens Mtn

Steens Summit!
Had an amazing trip with Sigman & Barrett, riding around Steens Mountain in South Eastern Oregon.  A full TR will be coming your way, but I just wanted to show you some panos from the area first.  Here's a nice summary of our ride with a map.  
Looking down at Wildhorse Lake from the summit trailhead. One of the prettiest lakes I've ever seen. 
Barrett on the summit trail
Looking down at Kiger Gorge, the most impressive of Steens' 3 gorges.
B taking it all in...
Sunset at Crystal Crane Hot Springs...
Mann Lake
Steens Mountain from the east.  on our last day.  
Looking down at Alvord Desert, the driest spot in Oregon.  
Here's the cute kiddies pic of the week:

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