Monday, November 2, 2015

Coast Campin'!

Went on an amazing camping trip out to Coast Camp.  This place is soooo easy and fun, it's stupid.  I think we've gone the last 3 years now? We were joined by the Souzas, part of the Smiths, part of the Mooreheads, Metres, part of the Hoefts, Marian, Mendelson, Aida, Rachel and more... wow that was quite the crew.

these monkeys are ready for the 1 hr drive...
Loading up for the flat 3 mile ride in.... another alternative is to walk on the beach from Limantour for less than a mile.  It'd be pretty easy to boat in from there.  
Go Kimbo go!
Nikko's bed on wheels... note the bucket keeping his bed level.
these two.... trouble makers...
family shot...
with a Brynn Bear photobomb.
check out all the kiddos.  And the sunshine!  We sure lucked out on another amazing fall day in the Bay.

We took a hike to the top of the bluffs.  Highly recommended.  Get to the tree with the rope swing, and keep on scrambling up for this view.  Limantour Beach is above Hoeft's head.  
And a view of our crew through the trees...
these kids decided to slide down on their tush.

Hang time!

Zoe snacking in the shade.  
I tracked these curious animal tracks to one Nikko bear. 
the set up...
The kids decided to play in the murky lagoon water vs the ocean... oh well.  You can see the top of the bluffs, where we were earlier in this pic.  

Dinner time!
We went up to the bluffs for sunset.  And to see the whales!

The kids made Dave into a double horned rainbow unicorn.
Ellery wanted a ride.... How can anyone refuse this pout?  Only stern Dave...

Nikko probably had the worst night sleep I can remember.  He was just getting over a cold, teething, and he hasn't been sleeping well in a tent.   I went on a lot of long walks.  And didn't sleep...
Next morning some of the crew decided to hike out to sculptured beach.
Cormorant... doing his thing
Natural Arch to more beach... and to Secret Beach...

Rugged coastline
Kiddos doing their thing..

back at the trailhead.  Aaron was popular with the ladies.  
We stopped for some food and refreshments on our way home with the Metres clan.
And for some of this stuff.... wow this stuff is amazing...
I'd like to try this at the beach next time...


  1. Whoa just saw this--Candy cap ice cream??? That's a wild mushroom that tastes sweet. Is that really the flavor??? Supposedly smells like maple syrup, not sure if the taste is that sweet. Dry 'em and put 'em in cookies is what I had heard before.

  2. That's right. Candy Cap... the ice cream. It's magical. Kinda like maple syrup.