Monday, November 30, 2015

Yosemite - cycling, climbing, and (pseudo) caving

At the swinging bridge.  Another favorite spot to spend the day splashing around the Merced. 
Pano from our climb on Sunnyside Bench.  
Spent another enjoyable weekend in Yosemite.  Man I love that place.... Got in one climb with James on Sunnyside Bench.  A very mellow 3 pitch climb... but sure gave me the taste that I crave.  I'd love to get out again... soon.  

The bike gang.
back at camp, breakfast was in full force. 

Kevin feeding his minions...
Nikko was sure to get in on the action.... "want, want, want..."

back down the trail, we decided to have lunch and explore some rocks... these are the so called "Indian Caves"

Red next to black... a friend of Jack...
playing in the river next to camp.
Kai getting ideas from brave Marian
Kai's turn...
Kai found a "rock egg".  It actually matches our kitchen counter.  Good work Kai!
This was James' first multipitch route in Yo!  Good work!  While we were climbing we noticed a small fire across the valley.
The next morning, the boys decided to get up early, so I took them on a bike ride.
Caught a nice sunrise.  Check out this E-bike mamachari.  
see... look how much happier she is.  She usually looks like this.  
Laura leading the kiddos in morning Tai Chi.  

Later on we explored some of the Indian and Spider Caves in the valley... 
Perfect for kids to explore...

Then we spent the rest of the day playing near the swinging bridge in the nude.  
Check out this crayfish.  
For you aspiring climbing parents... check out this crazy climbing dad...  
and Beth Rodden's interview of him. 

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