Sunday, January 31, 2016

B-day week highlights!

Had a really good B-day week... filled with ski adventures with friends and family.

Skied one day with the fam, another with friends (no kids), and another day with the fam which included a lake run with Miley and Metres.  On my B-day I got to ski with Moses and Alexis all day. A few days later I was back up with Kevin and Nick B, which turned out to be the best day yet.

Here's the highlight reel... of the first day...

And from the 3 days after...

And the pics.
2016-01-08 22 55 18
Kai after a long day of skiing!  I quickly moved him to the middle of the bed after I took the photo...

day 2... where's waldo?  Me front flipping (flopping?) in the palisades at Sugar Bowl.  Skied all day!  Amaze-balls!
2016-01-09 18 12 33-1
night 2 - Family dinner at the Family Cabin!  
2016-01-10 12 20 42
Day 3 - You'll get a better idea if you see the vid, but Nikko is pretty silly cute in his ski attire.  He likes eating snow.  
I caught up with Miley and Metres for a lake run at the end of the day.  Here's Miley at the top of Donner.  
2016-01-10 15 50 08
Miley dropping in to Old Hen. 
2016-01-10 16 21 02
Cool graffitti at the tunnels.  
Selfie with Donner.  
At the bottom... these are the pillow lines... when it's pillowy.  This time it was hellacious.  I caught the impact when Miley ate it and almost hyperextended his knee.  
2016-01-10 18 56 08-2
Happy B-day to mee!  Guiness Float for my 36th.  
2016-01-11 07 45 34
Next morning, Moses, Alexis, and I went out to Sun Bowl for a B-day tour.  
2016-01-11 07 52 16
fun inversions in the valley created a nice morning outing.  
2016-01-11 08 13 36
Castle Peak and Frog Lake Cliffs look pretty fat right now...
2016-01-11 08 09 41
After a fun ski, we made the trek to Sugar Bowl...
2016-01-11 10 27 32
Where we quickly decided that we should just do side country vs hunt for chunder.  
2016-01-11 10 27 35
So we did... boy that was fun.  
2016-01-11 15 23 20
Cool moss right?  #zebramoss
2016-01-11 15 44 03-2
After our 3rd lap, we called it a day and went home with smiles on our face...
2016-01-11 15 59 00
Another fine B-day... cheers to that. 
Check this out.  One bonus about ski flying... is that you can just trigger an avy and fly away...
Will Burks ski flying avalache from Will Burks on Vimeo.

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