Monday, June 13, 2016

Back to Pinnacles!

nice view... over looking San Jose
Had a great time at Pinnacles NP over Turkey Week, so we decided to go back.  James booked a group site, and we were set for a hiking/biking/climbing weekend with the kiddos.

That Friday, I decided to get up early and pedal down.  I figured Kimbo would catch me somewhere near Gilroy, but she hit some major traffic.  The ride was fine... I got soaked in the rain... and the road after Gilroy down to Pinnacles is flat with lots of traffic and not a big shoulder.  Good ride to prep me for my up coming 600k and 400ks that I've previously posted about.

Sat was a really fun day, as we biked to a hike/climb and the kiddos did great!


made it! 160 miles later... that was slow.  

the pool... yup, it gets HOT here.

the crew biking up! Notice the shoulder... 

Otto Laurel
not sure what there are... can't find em here:
Off the bike, and on to the hike!~

Go Kai Go!

dinner time!
Smore time!
Brekky time!

This is the barn with a brochure... not really worth checking out.
but this burl on this oak is...
on the way home, went directly up to Sibley.
and to Moses' to pick up Mingie.  Check out this crib that his dad made.  Amazing.  
Love this vid:

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