Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SRCC 400k - Clear Lake

My second brevet in a week!
My last 400k was 3 years ago, and this one was a much flatter and I felt fine at the end.  The 600k last week probably boosted my confidence.

here's the Strava route.  Not a particularly beautiful route, but not too bad.  Pretty flat.

On route, we passed a superfund site... interesting... the water looked cool though... BUT don't eat the fish from Clear Lake...

  • Feeling good throughout the whole ride, even at the end. 
  • Riding with Rich for the entire ride, sharing stories, trading leads.
  • Sushi at the Ukiah Safeway... always a good call.  Until it isn't...
  • Watching the full moon peeking in and out of the clouds.  
  • Chasing Miguel around until he finally just took off after 100 miles or so...
  • Hwy 101 was a bit scary at a few points when the shoulder disappeared...
  • Take less gear... like Miguel... well maybe not that light, but lighter.  

my gear... rain gear...
nice sunrise at the start
I think this is the smallest crew of rider's I've ridden with.
A nice paceline in the beginning... Miguel led the way 95% of the time.  That was nice...
on the first hill, Miguel took off...
Riding on 101.  Not a highlight... but really wasn't that bad.
My mandatory sushi rolls from Safeway... mmm

Cool beam of light... this photo didn't do it justice.

enjoying a celebratory beer at the end (the RBA's house!)  

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