Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weekly Pano: Emerald Bay

Our launch: DL Bliss SP, a 4 mile paddle, which was plenty far enough with 2 kiddos and all our gear.
Here are some panos from our trip out to Emerald Bay's Boat-In Site.  That place was magic.  I'd like to go again next year.  Full TR coming later...

Awaiting Tim & Laina's arrival
Kai and I enjoying morning light (and solitude) on the tea house on Fannette Island.
yeah my kids like being naked...
at the beach in front of Vikingsholm
packing up on the camping beach...
Kai getting one of his last doses of Tahoe's blue water...
I'm pretty sure this guy (the most insane Tahoe local of the moment...) was doing this on our canoe route.
Mike Wilson 99 foot Rope swing from Hula Tribe on Vimeo.
quad back flip from a 99 foot rope swing

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