Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lake Faucherie

Another fun weekend camping trip in the books.... this one took a bit of effort to get out to.  But a beautiful alpine lake with great paddling, islands to paddle to, waterfalls, etc... this all sounded like it'd be worth the hassle.  I've been eyeing this place for years.

Here's some links:

Kai's graduation with Saki Sensei
drinking chocolate milk like his T-shirt says...
we found a nice taqueria inside of a gas station en route.  It was actually really good... 
the kids entertaining themselves on the drive...
the drive included a 6 mile section of dirt.  And it's heinous.  Probably the most insane dirt road I've been on.  Averaged 2 miles per hour for the last 2 miles...
but soon, we found our site, and got a raging fire going...
Kate arrived at dawn, the Mooreheads came in later...
In the morning, we paddled across the lake and went on a hike.  
Group shot
Lake Faucherie
Nudy Booty shot!

wildflowers!... what is it? 

The first of dozens of snakes spotted on this trip...
Kai on his own island...
I spent the last night on this one...

Trying out some steel wool... too long of an exposure I guess.

I guess Nikko got in a fight... with mosquitos... and lost

Aaron got a flat on the way in... and came in on a donut with about 15 psi.... brave soul.  

We found a zipline!  But I couldn't get the pully down...
Next time:
  • get a pick up truck
  • sleep on the islands every night
  • improve my steel wool photography skills
  • go later in the season... when there are less skeeters?
  • pick up some wood down lower... at the lake itself there are less trees... just a bit down the road, there are tons of firewood.
  • get on the zip line
  • island to island slack line?

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