Monday, October 3, 2016

Back to Red Rocks

The boys at the top of Red Rock.  Alexis was back in town for a quick conference, so we decided to meet up on an island in the bay.  He was staying with Adrien in Marin, so we figured it'd be a good place to meet up.  I went out to Red Rock with Durbs two years ago and had a great time scrambling around.  Durbs and Laina joined us for the early morning paddle as well.

The paddle is pretty easy, but just watch the tide.  There's a beach at Red Rock on the N. Side (facing the bridge), and a smaller one on the S. Side (probably gone at high tide)... but that's where the rope is to access the top.  

The rock is super crumbly, paints your hands, clothes all red... and is on sale now at 5 million.  It was listed at 10 million... so half off!  

Laina cruising under the Richmond bridge.

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